Joey Logano on racing in Formula One, Le Mans and his NASCAR future

The 2018 cup series champion got candid with ABC News' Morgan Korn.
3:21 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Joey Logano on racing in Formula One, Le Mans and his NASCAR future
Jodi last year you were the underdog in a monster and NG NASCAR cup series. This year you're that defending champion and how has winning the championship changed your life. He LA in some ways a lot and some ways now. You know really rate after when a championship here your life it's very busy. You're going and visiting a lot of our crime our sponsors. You know going through headquarters and make its beaches and and doing the whole kind of victory tour and it really want to get to Daytona for the new season here back to zero pray at that point your past champions. And you're trying to you went against you don't feel any extra pressure this year from now on any more pressure at all get a gold last year was to win the championship the goal this year is doing citizenship the goal hasn't changed so. Their pressure that you put on yourself really is intentional. When you're younger person arrested anyone at any time ever say you know I've. Maybe it's just go to polishing things get a real job did anyone discourage you at any point. Now know any you know it's funny just ahead eyewitness that time my name's Joel again on our CD. No sizzle with our cities that race car driver through that feeling I have a degree in racing you know for for me no one really ever says you know page. You should have a backup plan and and I never happened before and my plan was to be a professional race for veteran house gonna make it and you know plays that my eyes are all one basket so I had to make it work how long DC yourself competing. Hard to say you know. It's easy for me say this as long as I'm very I don't wanna go out there and run. You know fifteen that we business. Am I can have fun and I love winning active losing more. And so I wanna go out there have a chance to win but yourself but for racecar driver you know we've seen plenty of of drivers raced into their mid forties and be very competitive so. Yeah I still have a long ways to get help in maker. Would you ever consider Formula One Racing. Alan Light truck and for me I grew up loving mask her race remains of my passion lies and stock cars made Justin. Full body contact racing. You know we're outward about river no weaned off you know we're gonna. We're gonna drug offenders and it got a lot of fun it never laughed about it afterwards there's a very bunches afterwards whatever it is organ. We're gonna have some contact and have some fun with it and Dave that's how I grew up racing this kind of the though local short track that's the hairdo just stock carries an America brightness that's where are basically it's ourselves. I guess I have. Passion for that type words we hear something like twenty hours a LaMont. How look at pets after a bad race is it your all hours of the carts haul. I defenses that have happened I think playing mistakes believe me hit my president always perfect either for decades is. You know it this is really eighteen. Sport. You know in and we'll maybe the driver has the most flights. Put it. That's just. One drive car can anyone be at least anti. You know just like any other sport you know talented big piece of it right some people nationally know how to drive nationally or baseball or whatever maybe. But they mean but that was in my effort you put into it that's what makes great thank estimates the professionals which is you want Washington if you.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The 2018 cup series champion got candid with ABC News' Morgan Korn. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"63253925","title":"Joey Logano on racing in Formula One, Le Mans and his NASCAR future ","url":"/Sports/video/joey-logano-racing-formula-le-mans-nascar-future-63253925"}