Luc Robitaille on the playoffs and what's ahead for the L.A. Kings

Luc Robitaille, the president of the Kings, reflects on the team's 2018 season, looks ahead to 2019 and discusses a new technology that's helping the NHL become more eco-friendly.
3:00 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Luc Robitaille on the playoffs and what's ahead for the L.A. Kings
Nick McKelvey joined live by kings president. I NHL hall of Famer. Highest scoring left wing in NHL history Luke rowboat tied Lou carried out under ingrained thanks. Ten years of president of business south for the kings but he just completed your first year as president overall as the kings katic island well. I mean it's. I'm fortunate that I got to learn the job for the last ten years in you know we've we've always had good people and organization much. This year you know where where. We have a plan and we wanna be patient with it then we're stick into the plan and you know we weren't happy where our early exit in an buyouts but on now we believe in what we have as far as our players first round loss to loss bay. How are they are run through the playoffs right now. It's been absolutely amazing but you know and they have a good team that we knew they had a good team in October and they've played real well all year I mean even last night I watched a game that they wouldn't tremendous amount of speed data like real talented players and it's been absolutely incredible in Vegas the vibe that they've created. How you made a big trade deadline deal offered the app and officiate how to get very creative you're going to have to this offseason until. Looking at the cap situation how different was that coming from just business ops and now you know albeit having your hand in the cookie jar when it came to personnel. Yeah I mean eight you know always at least it's even though what's at arm's lane you know I was kind of involves some times on on on the contract cited and the money aside. Song I call on some of these trees were obligated real good job he's very patient is something new stock and when Ottawa for. Almost the in the entire season. And and this is one of situation that we needed to. To acquire defenseman dead dead back can cover forest for the next few years and Dion was a perfect plan and we're very grateful that when Mary and Gabbert has done. But it just wanted to singer we really needed dead defenseman in the world fortune were able to work how to deal with Ottawa and he works out for them and or so for us to the same time. Talk about GM Rob Blake what's it like now. Looking at your generation all these hall of famers in our eyes are main hall belay. Lot how to shot as a coach sakic. You know. You guys are now almost one in the league you got had a lot of guys spread out as they compact topic competitiveness still the same level EAD act in a death. Thing to biggest difference word you know you take a rob blanket Joseph sack gave Steve Verizon and or even robber and a morneau was scorching Carolina and as many guys and then. Guys were fortunate they did real well for themselves. And you really know these guys are doing because they love the game I mean it's it's amazing how obese XT lies and as an example recent one of the hardest working GM. Ending game he doesn't need to do it he's just do an a because he loves the game the saying goes what Joe Sakic saying we're Rob Blake or Trevor Linden and I think that's the biggest difference now is like. And so guys are willing to maybe make decisions that are little bit different than a past as there are non survival mode for their job. Really there really involved because they love the game and they believe and that they want to make a change. What are you looking at this summer it's here. The first time and we had 11 round pick last year by the evil and one for sharp pay the last three years how important this draft or for the kings sit. They re establish the type. Yeah well we we we set like a goal last year to reestablish our pipeline. You know we weren't gonna give up our picks last year we don't wanted to give up our pitched this year also. We want to make sure that we pick right we have the right character characters very important for us where you know we're not picking a top five so. We're gonna make sure we get that the reply is with the right attitude we're we feel very fortunate that we got gave Velarde last year's eleventh when he was ranked fifth. And now he's been a special are our year and nest so we wanna hang on to those guys we understand some point and the sentinel were fortunate this. This one turned in to a choir. Dan Brinkley that there was a college free agent Sheldon ram Paula was another. College free agent last summer we sank cal Peterson a goalie so we're. Slowly but surely trying to kind who refurbish our our pipeline because we didn't have too many guys last year. Being in New York Rangers have often use the college free agents there's a big market. Played into that a little bit to do those college guys come out and see an opportunity Marino the kings they they did have to first tropics whoever the last three years so maybe there's a more opening bigger opening and that pipeline and they they can. Move up faster and it's a big market. On the lecture like what they're rational is behind the dough of those those kids you know I I think. If your player and you come and on the college and net. Maybe you've had eight you have some freedom to pick your own team. If I'm them I would always. The guillotine as you mean a best opportunity to plane NHL some action a market matters as much as. As much as do we going to be treated and the opportunity to. For growth and development and so forth and then you wanna see where can I fit into playing in choke and that's always the golf all these kids they believe they can play right away. And net I think that's probably the finger look and first like the Rangers and always had the option at a few as a last year's run. Let's face in the had a few holes of they had to eleven now is probably their biggest pitch now. Raiders a great organization to treat people good did you ever hitting rights. We're not. Who warn about the space we have it will displace. We definitely would laugh I would like to add like. With column again a guessing game breaker and annoy me but that being said we have a lot of kids coming out like national rampart. Or or Velarde or I act Alex higher follow had a good year last his first year. We expect big things out of him this year. A drink campy who had a really good year for us we think he's he's gonna make a step he's already planned real while and a well championship right now so. There's this a lot to civil stick and you're gone sickened what you're is that you do you believe in them in the those other guys a thing Erica and take a stand next level. Definitely we understand that we have a good system or our guys sacrifice a lot to are to be good defensively. But you know we we understand and its new Anemia and bring in speed in and create more scoring chance salmon. Rus women's Jeff Carter for 55 games as she when he came back he was still he was still struggling you know with there was this injuries so. Windows and come back next year be a 100% so well have our 23 senators lecture lined up that can can make big plays for organized. How are you adjusting to the new when I tell you look at the core I mean you guys have a plus players believe all around when it comes to the spots that you want and that number one cent are any number one defensemen overall have cream of the crop. Even talk about Jeff Carter has health has obviously. Crucial to the team you could say that about most teams in the NHL but like he said this. NHL. How hard is it to adjust to that level and how different from when you. While it's a lot from absurdity and anyway there was but I fake. Speed you know everybody's seems to be picking up their pace is still we play. If you play fast you know look faster. We started playing faster this year. As you go through an eighty game of the season sometime you gold backed away you use to. We probably were guilty of doing now as the season went by. You know we shared decision planned real fast and I think you know it takes UG 23 years to change a system this year was our first years so. We think in the next couple years you know we're we're gradually gonna increase our speed as our team's lead that would colonists are elements so for the but was a lot faster and the players in and that's what war can on an. At the same time like all of our guys are already mentioned their work and now they're trying to keep improving their their foot speed and so forth so we're looking for for that next year and changing a little bit to dead at temple bar of the kings game what was your take on some of suspensions and shares player out. I'll save for your I don't want to guess you're in trouble. I didn't think the dowdy hit warranted a suspension to me that was not a hockey play in sometimes had contact is is a part of the game unintentionally argue right now at the spot where you think any shot in the head intentional or not is a suspension or do you think that that's going to be a fluid. Case by case. Situation or right now it seems like it's case by case. You know we we felt the same about Jews Hitler he was going for the clarinet the park have gone to the corner Mikey you would do. You and his shoulder. You decide to cut in the last second -- nick Fischler day and his and his job. It's okay elective thing an assist and end of the problem is and when you draw the line on bow on it's like everything else should be suspended as army's third think and soul if that's the case then that's the case in I don't have a problem when it but it has to be okay so it's at. It's stuff because you lose your best defenseman for game and you think you end up losing a series that's the game that we played. Double overtime you know if you win that game a makes a big difference in a series so. That's the story goes that happens to everyone ever one's gotten some kind of a suspension or injuries in a placid new unified through it. Opened up a big cap our I'm accused him if he's just did for that I like everything every so now let's see how they handle what's been your take on the playoffs so far as any team jumped out to you were surprised at all no team is you know you'd yankees series Vegas surprising but not the way to play when you watch simply back on again it. Wanda next that you think in my way to minutes an expansion team hard to be there and it's still. Doesn't quite make says but when you watch him play again they should be ended deserve to. Now and a team surprises I think we knew Winnipeg was a good team. Tampa Bay everyone's talked about them or you're being good and pressure seems like Washington is is learning to play batters a team. And it always had great skill and great talent and that scenic this year and it handled that better as a team so. Surprise and there are there because they're doing indirect way so now that endlessly. And in the stage here fewer bad man who your money on earlier auto and bet. It's it's so hard to say you eat we keep thinking Winnipeg zinni get through. Then Vegas comes on and win yesterday and and the you know everybody's kind of saying. You know tempo is gonna get through an and then they're down to one sole. It's it's anyone's game I do believe usually as you you keep going it's. Whoever has the least amount of injuries. You know over and a length of his series usually the other team wins their art look now let's get into blue eco technology you partnered with a company. Take me through what it what it still. What's this is accompanied at the you know being in LA and always with we have that one divisions building in the world staples said north who NBA team actually. WNBA team also all these concerts a we're always looking to improve our ice surface and and that. And and you know story can help our players. So about two years ago we heard about the system that first were. Was gonna take do you media out of the air and in create water service so. We or in a drought. Get through of the U meeting in sight inside a building in and what we're realize over the overdue assignment I. The best I surface in our league is like congaree Denver and maintenance and those areas are a lot drier and in most areas in North America. So what we think act can happen over this is right now is. We're saving a ton of energy because by getting rid of the humidity you know on the crank up the air conditioner inside the building to equalize to building for a game. Decades as an example for normal kings game we usually would start to game at fifties between 56 and fifty degrees. When you come in the building union Jack gets and years you're freezing we usually ending game at 64 to 66 degrees. So would this system because we're getting rid of the humidity we don't need to crank up the air conditioners much. So we started a game at 64 degrees so were up almost eight degrees on on a temperatures were saving a ton of energy on bachelor's and so forth. And we end the game a 6566. Degrees just like we used and the game so. That's been a big game changer for energy savings and so for the on top of it by getting rid of the second DU me the and creating water. We're Graham of 500000 gallons a year. We're using Dow water to flood the ice and and and the way doorways though it's set up as it is it becomes a pure water so. Makes the ice a lot he glides better. And invited billing it being super dry. The snow that packs up on top of the ice is is like power upon applies better and so forth Hispanic kind of a win win for every situation so. We're real happy so far what is them staples senator we. I was in a year we had a cranking perfect. Did or win scorn Eagles and. My house but on our guys your house you would the ice is sure we're for Vegas. Sure isn't at half staff and that'll warm weather -- I got my start and Arizona State with Greg powers and let me tell you arranged in Arizona. Just arena as it's going to be good for any buildings can be NB because you basically yeah are you getting rid of of the U me the air so. And even what it does it say it did the air you breeding inside its cleaning it up so it's a lot better. I think this will do is if we can. It took every arena. We'll have consistency in every arena will have the same temperature. Same dryness and every building so then theoretically be actually this same whenever buildings so. We think this could be game changer and a reason why I'd just make sentences. Every owner will save a lot of money on their energy bills I think that's why. This makes a lot of sense from him which way people's money and I ours I had always glorious I was a good so what's the implementation plan. Has grown past the kings. Arena for us right now we we started just what the water and saying you 01. And is a farm team fairness and you rules and it work. We really install the full system Staples Center not a we know it's it's it's working cranking in next opus one installing and our practice facility. And save a lot of energy their cause with three sheets device and is on the humidity. So we'll save a lot of energy and and from then on I think where ended aggressively court talk and to think for five NHL teams are already willing to jump on board I think that would be. The next step AG. You know own government has on it fifth KeyArena and so. 50% work. Like we turn off a chiller rocker with three Cilic the other two Jewelers. Are going our war can't 50% so a year ago. To keep the icing -- the building on all three jurors were one full time and M when the ice was on all through Jewelers were there were two Joe's going full time. Other two chose that we have with the ice on gored 50%. Viet Owens turned off so this is it's been a huge difference maker from that standpoint. And sound like Vegas approved government efforts eight day February I think they asked for a for their children back and hopefully preferred you're safe for the king Sheikh. Your players alike can have a little bit yeah I'll got a telephone at daylight did they elected the ice surface there was a barrier better actually funny enough last week we're still doing testing in. Sony guys put their scale on the Nino season came and try to because that's how much to believe Ayala awesome while Lou thank you very much for Durham and I thank you.

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{"id":55233976,"title":"Luc Robitaille on the playoffs and what's ahead for the L.A. Kings ","duration":"3:00","description":"Luc Robitaille, the president of the Kings, reflects on the team's 2018 season, looks ahead to 2019 and discusses a new technology that's helping the NHL become more eco-friendly.","url":"/Sports/video/luc-robitaille-playoffs-ahead-la-kings-55233976","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}