Marlins’ COVID outbreak prompts questions on MLB season’s survival

ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza on what MLB needs to do to keep players safe and how the “bubble strategy” being used by the NBA and WNBA is working
5:26 | 07/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marlins’ COVID outbreak prompts questions on MLB season’s survival
They're still questions in this fourth swirled about whether Major League Baseball can go on Sunday just minutes before the Miami Marlins were set to take on the Philadelphia Phillies several marlins' players tested positive for code of nineteen. Despite that big game went on as scheduled in Philadelphia and today baseball's confirmed at least fourteen members of the Marlins including eleven players. Have tested positive Marlins game tonight against the Orioles has been canceled along with the Phillies scheduled game against the Yankees. There is now is ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza Jessica thanks so much for your time. Absolutely. So it was just last Thursday that we were. Many of us cautiously optimistic watching baseball return and hoping that it might provide some kind of diversion from this pandemic. So how are you feeling tonight and should hiking yesterday between the Marlins and Phillies have even taken place at all. It should not pass and to be honest it was a wake up call I was one of many in calling a game on opening day being a part of everything throughout the weekend I mean that's what sports. Supposed to do right provide a distraction at a time that. Has really been incredibly unique and in 20/20 it was good deceived baseball on the field but let's be real. We're in a pandemic and that was issued slap in the face now we sunny morning. Also this morning in being able to see how quickly that can change but to answer your question once there were four years. Tested positive for the Miami Marlins why do you decide what did he feel that day which is now already seen it repercussion is a bad decision for the next few days. And as a right now the MLB's ten other games are going on as plants night Dodgers pitcher David Price who opted out of the shortened season tweeting today. Now we really get to see it and I'll be is gonna put players' health first part of the reason I'm at a home right now is because players' health wasn't being put first. I can see that hasn't changed. So just don't want to share. The first of I think the players union and honors the agreements everything that we saw a lead up to this season has done and not a great relationship and I think that's what you're seeing with David rice's trip tweet and I think a lot of reasons why. There's thirty different locations were seen for these Major League teams NBA. They're bubble and one city BC NHL in one city and try now and for Major League Baseball I think the frustration as the fact that. There are thirty different location based players are traveling. I know David Price he opted out he's on one end of the spectrum rob Manfred when he comes to speak it reacted feed all peers are going to be on him. And how he re act at this point. And you just mentioned it you know with the NBA let's take a look at a map. Of every baseball teams travel schedule of course. If we're show you an a map of beach NBA teams travel schedule it would just have one dot in Orlando. The NBA and WNBA so far have been very successful with its bubble strategy. What's working about the NBA in what they're doing it does Major League Baseball need to take a step back in completely rethink the way is trying to play this season. Reacting to NBA hasn't yet but they didn't get to play 80% of the season and so they have such as aluminum and gain is. Laughed and because of that they can go to Orlando and how that bubble. Which is Wallace you're back on June when Major League Baseball sat down with the players association. It happening. You were three locations and said its third and what it will where they would be able to play those gain at least she and it was shot down within days of this conversation that did come just a month ago. I believe that if they were able to be able to at least. Get players to be within months but because even Marlins organization's. Number they tested along the entire time. You're one of thirteen teams and had zero positive tax up until this point. Now I have fourteen what's the difference. They started to travel. They laugh. Their bubble a Miami to go to Atlanta and played pre season exhibition games and they went from Atlanta to Philadelphia. The played three mornings with in the tying. You've seen them go from zero tax in a mop. To fourteen. Not a coincidence. Yes to your thing that the travel there is the issue so let's turn out to the NFL. Is there any hope for a season there in football has intense close contact it would seem if baseball can't do this without Kobe cases. Football may be a challenge. Top NFL players Lindsay and not exactly opposite reaction because until this point to be honest NFL players have been presented with his. Look at Major League Baseball we've got to the starting line. Look how they're handling age. I mean there was less. And thirty pocketed tax out of almost 30010. So you're talking about a percentages being at an all time low she and very very optimistic about how this season would go and this is an NFL is looking to now. So many NFL players and an entire league is looking Desai also put college football. In that same category I do believe it NFL do everything they possibly can. To me you learn do things differently they also have the advantage of another month option to be able to figure out what MLB is eighty doing wrong how they can jobs. But it's MLB can actually didn't get. To a months from now we'll be issued to win because I don't see happening right now. Jessica Mendoza thanks so much for your time in and say we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza on what MLB needs to do to keep players safe and how the “bubble strategy” being used by the NBA and WNBA is working","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"72020734","title":"Marlins’ COVID outbreak prompts questions on MLB season’s survival ","url":"/Sports/video/marlins-covid-outbreak-prompts-questions-mlb-seasons-survival-72020734"}