NBA season in full swing

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith previews the NBA's Christmas Day games.
12:20 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for NBA season in full swing
NBA basketball on Christmas Day is a tradition. And who better to break it all down then go one the only. When the voice of the NBA really for ESPN's Stephen A Smith. He's chairman estimates theme today. Lot of great games starting at noon eastern on ESP and running throughout the day wall to wall is as Christmas gets gone. For every one we start with the box in New York against the New York Knicks. What should we be watching for in this game with a box below one of the great players and in the next I just in the first photo. Businesses to give our condolences to New York is everywhere the fact of the matter is is that there's going to be a rough day for them. But the Greek freak is common in the town obviously doing an 82 game NBA season. You can steal a game with two he Indiana I'm not trying to completely summarily dismissed the notion that the New York based could steal a game. But I am an NBA acting particularly an NBA superstar the likes of the Greek freak. And I'm having my Christmas it's erupted because I got a shock to New York to play the knicks I. I got attitude and a look at some bite taken out on so why not take it out on the hapless New York Knicks they don't have Chris that's was a guest Kevin Knox has been up and down throughout the season but he's come on a little bit what a couple stellar performances both animals but it's a struggle. Which is considerable which is they're predictable when it comes to a rookie this kid Trier is a nice picked up but in the end. And they don't have the horses to compete with the Milwaukee Bucks which is one of the top four teams. In the NBA I expect this to be competitive fly half and then after that you can expect lights out for the New York Knicks on Christmas Day because Milwaukee will probably have an attitude began that they had to take this trip back on Christmas Day. And they'll be looking to take it on the next. All right next up 3 PM eastern on ABC to Oklahoma City Thunder against the Houston Rockets too surprising teams for different reasons the thunder. Better than we thought they might be and the rockets just a game away from making the finals last year haven't been good so far where he got back on again. It's for bass when something got two stars you've got a chance and Russell Westbrook clearly is a superstar on the sleek and pulled George is a star he was an emerging superstar it's clear that nasty knee injury when team USA in some competition but in the end when it comes down to is those two Brothers could play. Stephen Adams can play. And with Carmelo Anthony going to you got a much too young horses that have been. You know implemented into the perceived as a law within a short the backing of the backup point guard now Oklahoma City who was a starting point often in Atlanta Hawks for several years he plays so exceptional in terms of his energy is no he knows how to play the game of basketball he's the perfect complement to Russell Westbrook. Coming off the bench so this is a legitimate TV. They Casey used to rockets we're looking for them to remind us of their legitimacy. They've been a roller coaster throughout the season they start off the seizing your loop Trevor reason Luka a bomb would take to you defensive identity from last year couple quick appellate. Is completely eradicated almost any way you take that into account. You combine that we'll Carmelo Anthony be in the -- not be an ideal match for Mike did Tony never known for coaching deepest going to care about defense. You've got yourself a problem because you got CP three. And James Houghton who can Baldwin who can put up points but you've got no help for Clint Capello on the defensive side of the ball on the man TPJ Tucker. They have been a roller coaster to be can't they have not been themselves they completely lost their identity and you never know what Condit performs you wanna give them up from night to night they could win all Christmas night not parity and then lose the next night bought thirty. That's how haphazardly used to rockets and then. We'll see what happens. It's next up 5:30 eastern on ABC that Philadelphia's serving sixers at the Boston Celtics to. The top teams in the east that could be in Eastern Conference finals preview. What do you have on these two teams as they as they're currently constituted a couple of things to be quite honest. There's no way and held a meeting for the Eastern Conference finals not both of them go not happen to Toronto Raptors will be in the Eastern Conference finals. Now that's likely going to be against Boston you give Philadelphia an outside shot. Why because Jo Ellan visas this felonies to believe that it would is back to the basket. And they're complaining over the last few weeks about how. He's not being utilized correctly but not accepting a not blaming culpability in that regard. Jo Ellan beat loves grabbing the basketball and then spitting to face the basket he loves putting it on the floor he launched 2143. Point is last year that's not the way to go if you want to be successful as a 7172. Got. Get your behind in the polls can be a man amongst boys that's what he needs to do the numbers and they yet but how you score matters because have you taken it to the polls you gonna get back out you gonna go to the free throw line and more importantly you gonna dictate pace which we'll help you alleviate the lack. Of debt that you have is the Philadelphia 76 is due that's not what he's been doing that's one of the reasons why even though they're good. They haven't been as great as they should be the acquisition of Jimmy Butler has helped obviously Benson is a step was still key issue to jumps out to save his life. You're going up against the Boston Celtics while we carry Irvin would Jalen brown with Jason Tatum. Witten walk is Smart now inserted in the Scott a lot of good Bret Stephens put them in the he loves focusing on defense. And he's the utility guy he'll do all the dirty work when you would no problem whatsoever. Him and forest affect you got guys like that would have now offered I'm always gonna give Boston the age. All the Philadelphia because of their coaching because this style of play because of a link the idea let us ism and because of did death. I expect them to be I expect that no one on Christmas Day. That's a Christmas Day appetizer for the main event 8 PM so I'm all cast. On ESPN and ABC LeBron James fourth year in a row playing against the Golden State Warriors on Christmas the first time. As a member of the LA lakers I feel like if you're gonna be at any of these games. This is the one you wanna go Willis is just did you say that because I will be I value my behind us. My day out either Christmas Day a fly on their Christmas Day. This is wanna encounter that we've been looking for you long simply because. I'm one of the few people predicted the Los Angeles Lakers are going to Western Conference finals unless they went into the Golden State Warriors I believe that comes seasons and com post season time the Los Angeles Lakers don't only opponent they'll have standing in the away in the west will be Golden State Warriors I think anybody else they'll take out because I think the greatness combined with the experience and the cash eight all the LeBron James and facilitate and getting calls from a refereeing is going to dictate pace is going to work to his advantage cop cools ms. elevated his game and he's let everybody know that he's that second that reports interest on a Los Angeles Lakers it's not Branden Ingram is not lobbed the ball anybody else. This kid is a special special con a ballplayer. Plus he played college ball he comes straight out of high school so the maturity is the it is just that the Golden State Warriors are juggernaut and the fact that this game is at Oracle. I would be shocked if the lakers don't lose by authority. Simply is not because I don't believe in the link is in terms of how they've progressed it's because Kevin Durant is one of the top two and Wii play is on the planet earth. Step curry is the greatest shooter that ever seen in my life. Both of them are playing in an MVP caliber level then disappear re a team. That are reigning two time defending NBA champions. They're motivated because they're going up against LeBron James and Bob the waiting game is not at the Staples Center we at think it would have been nailed by its. Oracle so once those three stopped falling I think you could potentially see the lake as well beneath that pressure can regardless of what we've been received from them and how they've elevated that level of play I just think it's one of those situations where it's gonna end up being a bad night but a windowless and that I hope I'm wrong because I I am allergic to blowout I can't stand it particularly when I traveled to dump up plot a course to country but his name. I'm going to be ticked. Hip they is a blow out. But I must confess I'm expecting good. They should be a lot of star power no matter what hopefully they keep it close for Stephen A we got one more game for area. On Christmas Day if you haven't passed out from all the food and fun and family and a whole lot of basketball 10:30 eastern. On ESPN is them trailblazers and the jazz. Lots of great players not one to might not get as much shine is the marquee I was in LA last I wouldn't say livestock. In the Mitchell is a study was he was my rookie of the year last she shouldn't have been incidents he should've been him he really came want to see burst and onto the scene. And he's in he's reminding us of the great is that the Wayne Wayne once put forth force could not Demitra had that comic potential. Having said all of that hasn't gotten much help to she hasn't been himself. Jo Ingles and and and and and and getting new role Beirut eagle bay and all of these guys. They have a plan up to snuff I think the acquisition of call over helps them I think it helps spread the floor he's one of the elite shooters this game has ever seen. But I still look at Portland as being the better of the two teams it's going to be in Portland I think I think that's winning games is in Portland. You've got one real situation we got Damien Lilly got CJ McCollum they can play here the interest and think about Portland. They can beat anybody. When they're hot. And they can lose to anybody. When they're not because even though they've got good solid play is on eighteen. It's really about those two guys and whenever those two gods and op plan on an elevated level. The rest of the teen suffers you almost never hear of another individual coming to the rescue of the Portland trailblazers when Damien little that was CJ McCollum. Is it the in the same to date for dump and that's the problem you taught the Condit team when he played together Immelman a basketball effectively dish sharing get defending did you want all of these different things. They can beach you. But if you at a Portland trailblazers it comes down Damien luminous CJ McCollum. Are they hot or cold if they hot they'll win if their cult they won't. All right in this spirit of Christmas are ask you to put on year Stephen A Claus hat you can grant these teams. And you their Christmas wishes what are you giving to these Christmas Day teams. Okay I'll go down the list him as the New York Knicks operators that's what they mean there's nothing else to give them did just a lost cause right now until they get the marquee. Free agent if you are the Milwaukee Bucks you need shoes if you are. The Oklahoma City Thunder I think that you need some front line helped to go along with Stephen Adams. Third in the third score an excuse me. If your the Houston Rockets. You need a whole lot of stuff and I. And I think you needed decreased salary from Chris Paul so you didn't have to lose Trevor reason that a one year fifteen million dollar deal in sound with these Padgett kept him. That would have been great all matter back to get that I would give Houston Rockets is spot in the miracle make sure the Lincoln don't get Trimmer reason and you get him back into Houston. When you talk about Philadelphia and Boston. I think Philadelphia needs to get Joseph element B to play when his back to the basket more. The young man and that polls and if from the infant and the listener Brad brown that would be a nice Christmas gift he case of the Boston Celtics. The Who wish an extreme health 100% held to Gordon Hayward. Because once he gets back healthy thing you'll have to teach you when anticipating you remember he's been limited to 25 minutes per game to that nasty ankle injury you broke his leg in. In game one last season against Cleveland so you look at Boston in that regard that would be my wish list of them then you've got the lake is a Golden State. Golden State needs nothing you look at the Los Angeles lake is my personal purpose we'll be. Bradley be allowed a lump in the league at the hands on whether different watched it was as being gonna happen. In all likelihood of a mild when I'm Santa Claus that's what I would grant the Los Angeles Lakers thought third wheel who can score twenty a night. Like that dock from the perimeter. I think that when they would love that I think that's more important number requirement Trevor reason and then last but not least you complementing you talk you taught needs another stall that caliber of a dominant image of they give meg an animation from the Utah did not find the draft Egan of trees come Utah is to never connect OK and then of course of your Portland. You need the same thing you need that you need at thirteen got you got you need a secondary guys you talk. You need a third team guy in Portland whether or not they able to pull that off remains to be seen. They may have to make a trade someday and that they would make a trade just so you know. Damian Miller would much rather be in new York and LA to keep yeah I saw something like that but at third TS scorer for the Portland trailblazers I would say they wouldn't get that would be my Christmas gift to them about cynical. Even as Smith thank you so much a Christmas tradition NBA basketball on ESPN and ABC all day starting at noon eastern. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year. Stephen thanks thank you.

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