NFL's Adrian Peterson Returns to Vikings

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, out all of last year after a suspension amid allegations of child abuse, is back with his team today.
6:15 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for NFL's Adrian Peterson Returns to Vikings
You know you don't be don't be absolutely 100% with you. Would everything go on all. In my life doing it Tom. I really didn't know well wouldn't. You know uniform to place a worlds. And about went too tired. In a phone want to go often. You know. Geared to tret. This change it up differently you know to do some different. You know and that's. That's where. You know. Receiver and advised home in the my parents and advisors. Really play you a big role. We. You right now. Now. I'm happy where where I met here at Minnesota Vikings. Coaching staff you know I've seen it before. Enough allowances. In. Who does the best coziness. You know we've seen since I came here. I don't like what papers it. We have a young team. A hungry team. Excellent young quarter. Who. Half the and is built now. And and we have a lot of talent. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson out all of last year suspended amid allegations of child abuse back with his team today. Peterson who sat out the first couple of days of off season training after complaining that his contract wasn't guaranteed. Giving in and returning to the teen. I'm Caroline Costello in New York joining us now the latest is Yahoo! Sports columnist Eric Adelson and so Aaron what's going on your aging Peterson complaining about his team not wanting him. Then complaining about his contract now is back. What kids. I think there bases. All the way to play. And and two weeks you wouldn't say it's silly move on because Cecil has contract worry about and I think he's seeing a lot of the right things in part because of that. But also he didn't see you seem humble he said he didn't state. GE spoke about their he would with his son. Hey he said it was important loves those children so I actually think that dentist was good for him EU is very presentable. I EC Kabul and I think this was a way to try to move all move on both. In a football sense but also personal sense because. Eighties is social media tirades were not giving him any favors all and his reputation is getting worse now coming back to Lee's team. And talking about it in cells fodder. And in charity I think he's got very. Speaking of you know social media tirades Peterson took to Twitter asking about whether NFL contracts. Were guaranteed. Was not aware of this before hint. You know it's a very good question is seen through a lot of its process that he wasn't quite getting he was still being paid a lot of money like route last season. And he was act. Acting on social media and other places. As if he was the victim Nazis that I'm not the victim and I kudos important thing to say he certainly was acting like victim even though we all know his child was debate. And it and so it was okay scratch for most of the last few months. That he had done something wrong in the vikings' first it stood by him. Champagne here and rodeo vikings were forced likes of the that he did. And he seemed to step I didn't salute what is being done me. Today he took a little bit more ownership of it I'm not sure that's the last or whether this was partially formed by east sider. 222 to move on and and and play. But at least it was something that was bid to look more human rappers and before he was lashing out and it wasn't appropriate I. In the offseason there was talk Michael's part ways of Peterson. Why this happened. It's a very good question I don't necessarily get worse there were a lot of takers and talks like Dallas the Dallas brought in. Young quarterback in Randall the light attic fan now. I figured there was concern taking out Peters because the money and because be this hostile situation and not really knowing. If he was changed man and so I think if something was people be done it would have been done and Peterson really was cornered in a football I'm not sure it that he had any hand to play and the vikings were his only option and I think what you saw it was. Probably some what angry. More chase. In horror accepting bid bases is only wading back and play an otherwise. It's another year. The leader of the period probably short career here now that he's lost. Could this be Peterson's last season with the uncles and so will horrible little girls. I seem to acts he will try to keep playing I don't see reason not me he's still one of the best players and even though he's thirty which is very old running back. It's easier still many running backs were successful in in the early to even I think meet thirty Alex law won. What season I think it's probably not going to be it for him so again. He's investing in himself this season and it works out the vikings are improved and thinks Google radio state but at the very least each in addition. Both of personal and professional sense for what comes later. Okay Eric 8% of Yahoo! Sports thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it. And you can keep up with the story in real time my gallon in the ABC news out and storing this story for exclusive updates on the go I'm Caroline Costello. In New York.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, out all of last year after a suspension amid allegations of child abuse, is back with his team today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"31481369","title":"NFL's Adrian Peterson Returns to Vikings","url":"/Sports/video/nfls-adrian-peterson-returns-vikings-31481369"}