Serena Williams dominates against Maria Sharapova

The superstar has defeated Sharapova 19 times in a row.
3:07 | 08/27/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Serena Williams dominates against Maria Sharapova
In guys now we're gonna focus on the number nineteen because that's the number bouncing around after the US. Hoping yesterday because. That's the number of times superstar tennis champ Serena Williams. Has defeated Maria Sharapova nineteen straight times and yesterday Serena crust or maybe an even bigger moment given last year's match with Serena against Naomi Osaka so I want to bring it ESPN's Daryn K hill. Daryn good to see you thanks for being with us today you know you've seen a Serena play many times. And there's a lot of energy that was going on in that that court last night but many people are concerned about her injuries yes. Yeah official accumulate 23000 people packed inside Ashe stadium las not to say Serena is returned from twelve months ago when. Just so wonderful to see Serena get ends of the court at those cues bouncing get their reaction from the crowd that she god and she led her racket do the talking. On pipe it was a tough match up against sheriff by about. But in reality it's been a fairly comfortable match up because Serena has won so many times as she said nineteen times in a right now. And she loves the why is that merit Maria plays systolic giant. And answering is just a little bit better in every department of the guy and I thought Serena tighter rank and she plays like that through the tournament. She's going to be incredibly tough debate but great for Serena to come out play the the why she did but also I get that. Wonderful reaction from the cramped. Absolutely and then her when they came on the same day as unveiling of Althea Gibson statue which is pretty. Iconic now. Yeah a couple of great lane. He's that have done so much good for the gang aiming continue to do so much good and it's not just those two as well his sister Venus played yesterday famous is also a Bane. Really instrumental in the WTA tour of spotting fake the rights equal prize money and Venus played incredibly well yes today as well and there are other lighting is as well. We've got a counseling Chris seven Martina never had the lever and Billie Jean King old ladies that is still. Involved in the game of tennis pushing for the rise and for this new generation of client. And that's why that plank for the money they are playing here at the grand slams they've done an incredible if it it was a great day for women's tennis. And then before we go I'm cocoa golf playing today teen sensation. Yes a new generation coming heard cocoa just fifteen years of I agent has done so much and again I'm already with that great run that she had at Wimbledon eventually losing to some minor talent in the fourth round so we got a glimpse. What the future is like ended let the young Gil the she's playing putt apply event is also well number one junior she's up. Very good player as well so I talk I will have a hands full in nefarious round match here. But the future is brought on the WTI. And also on the men's side as well we've got a new generation of men's play coming through neck trying to break through that. Big strangle hold the Big Three have had in Djokovic or Federer and Nadal. A lot of nine's coming through that we'll hyping kit they can have breaks dirt and possibly win this tournament site great story lines on by the women's and the men's side were looking for their rights ornament. And very exciting and you're right there thank you so much Daryn K hill at EST and thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"The superstar has defeated Sharapova 19 times in a row.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"65218771","title":"Serena Williams dominates against Maria Sharapova","url":"/Sports/video/serena-williams-dominates-maria-sharapova-65218771"}