Simone Biles makes history with 2 signature moves

At the 2019 World Gymnastics Championships, Biles nailed two difficult moves that will now be named after her.
4:58 | 10/08/19

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Transcript for Simone Biles makes history with 2 signature moves
Guys before we go I'm were moving on to miss some moan bile she is made history again in fact what this amount miles not making history well over the weekend in Germany the at least gymnast successfully landed. Incredible moves the double double dismount on the balance beam in the triple double. On the floor I mean these moves to bite anything a normal person understands about think human body and yet she made it look so effortless. Now the double double off the beam has been named after her in the gymnastic code of points it's all good except. The international gymnastics federation awarded to dismount level. Eights which is significantly lowered and it be expecting eight. Jay. Rating because of how difficult it is so won a bring in the very best. Person to discuss the matter I am joined by four time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. Often dock them. Miss that dominate god that's so menacing you. Thank you for having me here I appreciate it yes just a start we just learned that the US women's gymnastics team. They just took home their bid to world. Championship title in a row they just want that right now what do you think of that well that's spectacular but what's more spectacular I heard that they won by six points so. It's insane at the level of of strength that the Americans have these thieves there's really no competition out there. Absolutely so I'm glad you're here because what I want you to do is break down for us. But what these different letters mean because when the average person is looking at the moment miles it all looks difficult in crazy. But what is the significance of an eight's birthday is a. I don't have to say that what somebody is doing is unheard of in she's generations ahead of her competition and I am so thankful that my competitive career is over because. I would have had no competitive career with the moon miles around and really just the level of difficulty HJD you name Mitt. It's just dictating. Where it falls with regards to you. How it's scored by the judge is and what she's doing a triple double on the floor a double double on beam. She's right I mean she came back and a Twitter post really laughing at the response to you. Their level of difficulty of how they kind of classified it and she's right it needs to be far higher than what the IOC or. You know feet in the federation of inner Jeanette gymnastics. International gymnastics. And pretty much labeled an ashes and I hope they go back they reassess things in giver the level of difficulty that she deserves. Yen I think they had made a statement that there res end. They lowered it to an age is because of the risk like they didn't want to encourage other gym this to take that risk what do you what do you think of that. On people are not gonna take that risk and they're not capable of doing it ain't the only thing I smiled as I mean I'll be honest. Another step way another solo piled out there in the works and we'll probably see her in a number of different generations away. I you know you can see both sides but some on his very right what she's doing. Does classified to be a much higher level difficulty. Than what is currently. Labeled add but you know she's. Ahead over time they don't know how to handle what she's doing end. You know she's wowing the crowds he's you know ahead of the game and she'll probably win the individual title as well I many many points. Yes so you're already mentioned death lettuce doesn't mean at led a schism in the sport today I mean it's just add epic levels. I'm curious though as the big fan do you still talk to the Magnificent Seven the magnificent other six from the 1996 when you are making history yourself. How my teammates are amazing people and you know it's been 23 years since I was it needs to be a part of on such a spectacular. Team in the last time we got together we talked about being parents we talked about being wives and really I'm today a mother of four young kids. Two of them they love the sport of gymnastics which is why I'm so excited to start my gymnastics academy in a in a short period of time it's going to be called a Donnie guys gymnastics academy I don't really about creating that healthy culture. That Simone Viles is even spoken out about to make sure young girls and young boys are protected in one thing I want to say is. As I met with my Magnificent Seven teammates it was a few years ago where we celebrated our twenty year anniversary. We talked about being parents and I want to send a message out there are parents. Parents I want you to realize your kids in the sport of gymnastics today. Care about what your kids think about you win their thirty years old don't care about what your kids think about you. The win their twelve where their tween or teenager step in there and protect your children. From the many unhealthy cultures that are still out in the sport of gymnastics event. Unbelievable. Dominate here set the bar very high and I appreciate you joining us today it's amazing thank you thank you for having me on I appreciate it absolutely. We love it guys awesome I'm deacon out right now but that.

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"At the 2019 World Gymnastics Championships, Biles nailed two difficult moves that will now be named after her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"66139005","title":"Simone Biles makes history with 2 signature moves","url":"/Sports/video/simone-biles-makes-history-signature-moves-66139005"}