Officials Investigate Suspicious White Powder in New Jersey Hotels

Substance found at six hotels and a post office near the MetLife stadium prompts investigation.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Officials Investigate Suspicious White Powder in New Jersey Hotels
I'm Dan -- New York with breaking news from ABC news digital seven suspicious packages found in several different locations -- Super Bowl stadium. Police discovered suspicious white powder at six hotels near MetLife stadium and at one post office. This is a live shot of one of those locations no injuries were reported authorities say they are securing those locations. And ABC's caricatures he is -- the latest on this story. But first I want it would ABC's Mark Bradley who has outside MetLife stadium. And tomorrow I want to ask you about this has security has that been changed since this new development. Well we're learning all of this just as we go on the air here -- but I can tell you that so far there are no evacuations. And right now authorities are on the scene apparently at these hotels -- in Bergen county and out of an abundance of caution. The authorities are checking out the suspicious white powder no we do not know what it is but so far here at the stadium we haven't seen any change. In the security. And people -- could be here are continuing to gear up. For Sunday's big game. The stage is set for the first outdoor Super Bowl played in the northeast. New Jersey's MetLife stadium hosts the epic matchup between the Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos. Best ranked offense first -- best ranked defense Manning -- Wilson. You couldn't ask for for two better teams that the two best teams in the National Football League to teams that are built a little bit different. But have great character. Fans across the country are fired up. Picking sides in some places it's new neighbor against neighbor go with the -- New York in New Jersey -- waited a long time for this. Times Square has been transformed it to Super Bowl boulevard its giant party. When it last deny it -- 9 o'clock best feeling ever read the Super Bowl as much more than a football game. There's the commercials you think it's time we all get our own places and the halftime show. Bruno Mars -- performer invited the Red Hot Chili Peppers to join him. In unprecedented security plan is in full effect bomb sniffing dogs fighter jets in the sky helicopters and high speed boats patrolling the Hudson River. No specific terror plot has been identified but officials say they're leaving nothing to chance. The public. Should be comfortable. That everything that can be done is being done. Does a lot of work being done. Behind the scenes authorities are also on the lookout for counterfeiters investigators say they've seized more than twenty million dollars and knock off memorabilia and tickets. Dan I know you're gonna have more in a moment about New Jersey authorities responding to reports of suspicious white powder found at several hotels. Not farmer from the stadium but if -- -- end on a lighter note. Just let you know that on Sunday the forecast is 39 degrees at kickoff. And that actually might not be the coldest Super Bowl ever exits forty degree forecast back in nineteen. Seventy to a game in New Orleans would have a temperature colder. Than that actually 39. Degrees if in fact it's forty on Sunday down. One less thing for -- for the for the Broncos and the Seahawks have to deal with -- Yvonne -- outside of MetLife stadium to -- thank you for that. But I do wanna go down to ABC's -- in new York and talk about the latest on this development Aaron do we have any idea about this -- -- have authorities said. Not much they're doing field tests on it now was sent in envelopes to six hotels near MetLife stadium. And the local post office in Rutherford New Jersey and so far we know that according to the mayor's office at least one of those powders has tested to be. Cornstarch and so it does not appear there are any injuries or any evacuations but even. A hoax if this is what it turns out to be Dan. Does cause a significant response a specially given the ramp up in security that we've seen here over the last couple of days. And we're taking noticeably aerial pictures here this is one of the locations. Where where these letters were sent to. I had to do we have any idea -- than just got -- -- the geography I mean how closely are these locations to each other. Close within within several miles and and authorities had always said that they wanted to be prepared. Not just on site at MetLife stadium but also in the surrounding area. This is still the most target rich environment when it comes to terrorism. And so authorities with the FBI with state police and and with all the of the countless local police agencies involved. Have been on alert -- just something like this. Now it appears that this is leaning toward a hoax we understand at least one of the letters had a postmark that would indicate such. But to be sure this does pull out resources and money and apparatus. And does require. Law enforcement officials to respond and as one put it to us they don't -- -- get distracted because the big prize of course is the big game. -- exactly as well and and as you did point out there yes unfortunately it does take even if this was a hoax it does take a lot of resources. There are a behind that. Seven different packages severing different locations one including. The post office that would serve those -- presumably those seven locations. That's correct in the post office along with six hotels no evacuations had any of the locations and no injuries. There were a few people who came into contact with some of this. -- whatever it turns out to be cornstarch and at least one case we're told and they were sent for a valuation of a local hospital but all of that is out of an abundance of caution. And I know this obviously is still developing situation but have police or the FBI had they say that they planet -- -- any kind of a news conference. And it kind of an update on this or -- they still simply gathering as much information as they can before making any statement. Well there are no investigate and we've seen -- with similar cases still do field tests on the powder to determine if there's any need for. Particular alarm or concern. And then they'll they'll move from there -- they authorities said that there are investigating there are no injuries -- in for evacuations. They sent word to us that you know things are are proceeding. As they normally would in this kind of an investigation and undoubtedly if they find something or or when it's over they'll let us know what happened but this is just the kind of thing that law enforcement officials. Have been on guard for has the security posture around the Super Bowl has been stood up 24/7 now it through to gain. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into the security efforts as we've been. Here -- reporting throughout as well as really get a couple of those videos there outside of one of those locations you can see police actually going through. Some of the mail trucks some of the bids were taken off of that mail truck there going through just an observation going -- without gloves without any kind of masks. You know for perhaps as an indication of just do you know where they're at in this -- investigation don't want to make any kind of -- that assumption on that but. That's simply what we're seeing from this live aerial shot over one of these locations where a suspicious envelope was received with a white powder inside. Air I ever -- I mean as far as testing those kinds of substances the vacant has that right on the field but they can also test them additionally in the -- correct. That's true and they will the field tests are notoriously unreliable but they do give authorities at least -- a bit of a sense something to go on. While day they begin their their investigation. If one test as we've already heard from the local mayor turns out to be cornstarch told -- -- -- Fairly well close the book -- in focus on the other cases. -- these are all going to draw some attention not just because it's the Super Bowl but because when suspicious powder shows up in the mail. It's a cause for concern within the last several months we've had a couple of rice in cases. Sent to mayor Mike Bloomberg sent to President Obama there was a woman in Texas that was so arrested and charged with those crimes so this will draw a response but you can bet. Because of the concerns around the Super Bowl and the location of these envelopes this is getting perhaps even more attention -- would be usual. Do we have any idea at this point how no authorities were first notified about this because it seemed as if there was. Sort of -- of of a sudden announcement that all of these multiple locations were reported illness. Yes and it ended maybe it's just the time the male came -- we we don't know specifically but there was a bit of a cascade when we noticed there had initially been. One or two calls for the Hazmat team then a few more and then finally -- -- of the seven. Responses from Hazmat units in New Jersey State Police and the FBI which are coordinating the federal response the state response to the Super Bowl. They're taking the lead now -- trying to determine whether this is a real threat or whether this is as it seems so far. A hoax and you can -- they're on this that is all they're all relatively clustered at least the lower five art. But none of the hotels and we should say are involved in in the Super Bowl they may be hosting guests to be clear but they are not the hotels where the teams for example are staying or or -- any known officials of the NFL or or anyone connected with the Super Bowl. Would necessarily be right now other than perhaps some fans. Right nine that is a great point -- and -- that -- -- made that as well -- -- No evacuations no injuries and no thought that this was a real danger although. There have been out of an abundance of caution some people taken to an area hospital. Because they had some exposure to this white powder in this would be. Perhaps. The most prudent thing that could be done when you don't know. Just in case you go to the local medical center which has stood up it its and decontamination facilities. And so this is why authorities are so perturbed by these things. You got a Hazmat crew police. -- have to get that that the hospital stood up. And and -- it's all for not it's certainly a great expenditure of resources I flew just this morning with federal agents from Customs and Border Protection we were in Blackhawk helicopters flying over MetLife stadium they're going to be responsible for enforcing a no fly zone. And they were telling me that within that ten mile radius they're going to be looking for any. On authorized aircraft that is going anywhere near the Super Bowl and that's going to be in place from Sunday morning. All the way through the game. And that's just one component it's in the air it's on land as we're seeing today. Even in the in the waterways near the stadium and so even though there is no specific threat authorities are leaving nothing to chance. AMD and you can certainly -- actually there was -- incredibly seriously not only a statement also at a federal level as well and now of course the FBI. Checking out these latest claims these these -- envelopes that have come to seven locations. In New Jersey in Bergen County. ABC's -- -- on the latest on this -- thank you for that we appreciate that any updates of course right here on as authorities are checking out. The case of seven envelopes at seven different locations with a a white powder inside we know that at this point at least one of those -- -- has tested. As corn -- but -- -- and pointed out investigators are still trying to conduct field tests on those remaining envelopes. And if there is new developments we of course have the right here And on Dan Butler New York with ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Substance found at six hotels and a post office near the MetLife stadium prompts investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"22321143","title":"Officials Investigate Suspicious White Powder in New Jersey Hotels","url":"/Sports/video/super-bowl-security-white-powder-found-packages-metlife-22321143"}