30-Year Security Veteran Readies for Super Bowl Sunday

Security guard Mickey Sulick says MetLife Stadium will be the "safest place in New Jersey."
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for 30-Year Security Veteran Readies for Super Bowl Sunday
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- New York which -- ABC news digital special report it has been a long road to Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks but as hard as those players and coaches have worked. They might have some competition from the folks whose job it is to make sure the Super Bowl. Super safe so. Someone now who has been on the job for the past thirty years keeping some of the world's greatest athletes and musicians and performers safe in this stadium. Is Mickey -- security manager at MetLife stadium joining us this Friday morning -- I appreciate you taking the time because I imagine the past couple days have been a little busy for -- -- you have no idea that happen every day it just gets every day it is and so more and more. -- are -- -- as it is the longest serving employee at MetLife stadium what was your first day there. When was my first day of MetLife -- -- -- you. Well my first day here at MetLife stadium was. The day after the last step football game in giant stadium which was late December. Between Christmas and New Year's and January I believe third I started here MetLife stadium. How well is actually still under construction some thirty years ago -- so it has grown up and and you clearly have grown up with that as well. I want to take a look at picture of you with Randall Cunningham former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. What kind of interaction. You have with these larger than life players because obviously security is York. Main job at the same time. You get to interact with these people that you know we often times -- seen on television. China on that particular day -- he obviously he got hurt during a play. We took him into the X ray room and I was standing guard there just to make sure that'll all of the you know the media stayed away. And once they found out you know exactly what was wrong -- I don't remember you know was a leg injury. He came into the tunnel. He was standing there on his crutches and we were just talking and and I asked him say you know you -- -- -- them. So I went and a locker room I got on the stool he actually sat there for two quarters. In the tunnel with us -- -- -- we were just haven't a general conversation. About many things other than football. And did you say he really it was a little obviously upset that he was hurt because I believe that was his last -- Last -- for that season. Gates and -- now with the Eagles there you last year or every year rather escorted Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid longest tenured coach. In the NFL. He escorted him into the stadium for his very last game and then walked together. Was back covered bond by the USA today snaps and looked all over the place who what was that like making that walk. Thought you know it's. Andy read their coach Reid and hand and his wife Tammy during his whole tenure with the Eagles. We became very close friends. Even to this today I talked to them on the phone we text each other. And I felt really bad form because. You know I read the paper I kind of -- knew what was common -- armed men I felt bad for the guy and like I said -- -- actually good friends of mine. And now -- I thought I again I felt that I hate to repeat myself but I remember that day as if it was yesterday and you know both of -- both of our heads were down and we were actually talking to each other and he had said to me thanked me for everything that I did for him and his family. During the past fourteen or fifteen years that he's become into. Giants Stadium as wells MetLife stadium. Yeah I mean that's critical and at the very and it's a very usual perks of the job that we need to have that kind of you know personal interaction -- -- some of these coaches and players former Soviet years. Here we talked so much about the unprecedented security measures that have been put into this Sunday's game what can you tell us. On the ground there that is just so striking that just made this such a daunting task to get proper security in place. I really can't get too much into the security aspect of it I can only tie it at this place is locked down solid. Obviously and you see state police and C local police I mean this is really been such -- well coordinated effort not only with New Jersey -- New York as well. There is a day entire contingent of law enforcement here. Again here at the stadium we have New Jersey State Police we have Secret Service here FBI. Our own internal security. I believe I saw actually some. Army National Guard here as well today are still look at what can you tell them what's left to do that way you guys already begun to set to go as -- going to be. Literally pushing the security and and getting everything in place up until game day. Security has been in place the stadium itself when on the locked down on Monday which as you know more measures take effect. And again I really don't want to get too deep into it but I can assure you that. This'll be the safest place in New Jersey on game day -- when you heard that MetLife was going to be hosting the Super Bowl I mean did you. Have a moment of panic before you like. Hey this is -- great this is a great -- great -- at the same time it's really gonna make my job. There was really no panic I was more excited that it was come in here -- -- -- that a long career between both stadiums and they -- as a fan and in an employee here this is you know this is the pinnacle of my career it's it's the Super Bowl. Don't know if I'll ever be working another one again. Minutes is a very exciting you know the days we're aural world work in 151617. Hour days everybody here. And you come in and -- morning and before you -- it's 9:10 o'clock at night and you know where did today go so world busy and we're all excited here so for those that actually are you have to guessing -- the game there can they drive to they have to take public transportation. What's the best way what are you recommending. Well the only way you're gonna drive to the staid image you have to have a parking pass there is no -- pull -- here. And I believe that -- dubbed this the transportation. Super Bowl -- I don't know exactly what -- call -- -- but -- mass transit. That's about the best way to come in and out of the stadium is through mass transit the trains the buses. New Jersey transit along with the stadium they have a master plan in place and so far everything looks good on paper and I'm sure that dole it'll happen in a good way on Sunday morning. Garza let me again if they don't have a parking -- don't come here -- don't body. Yeah exactly that something that -- it's yet that's good -- -- -- got to ask you this unimaginably friends and family know what you obviously for a living. When they heard other preparations everything it's going into the Sunday's game even shaken down for any tickets people saying hey listen just put me on -- means that in the back door. Well I get many many phone calls from fans and people who think that there my friends -- haven't -- -- for many years. And you know to be polite I say I'll see what I can do -- put your name on the list. And I take their phone number actually throat and around. RIR -- of -- of the listen I want to go but I won't ask you on camera then make you but we'll loss that we can work something out that there. I. Look at global -- -- -- and I don't I'm sure you've got some juice back in the studio where else is there -- well talk about it we'll talk we'll talk about camera. Hey we -- be rooting for -- were for anyone this Sunday. You played -- on the -- I am Ruda tell you -- room for a room from MetLife stadium that's all four say we have so much involved in this I want nothing but success I want people to look the same -- good things about this place come Monday we have so I'm room for we will -- we will review the same thing we appreciate your time in other words you got to get a certain Atlantans -- so much. -- -- security manager MetLife stadium in Jersey for over thirty years and county congratulations best of luck on Sunday. And of course if we recap right here -- abcnews.com. Countdown continues Super Bowl Sunday and on Dan Adler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Security guard Mickey Sulick says MetLife Stadium will be the \"safest place in New Jersey.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"22316619","title":"30-Year Security Veteran Readies for Super Bowl Sunday","url":"/Sports/video/super-bowl-sunday-security-ready-make-metlife-stadium-22316619"}