MetLife Stadium Gets Ready for Super Bowl XLVIII

Staff and security make final preparations for Sunday's big game.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for MetLife Stadium Gets Ready for Super Bowl XLVIII
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- in -- -- is a BC news digital special report super Sunday almost upon us. The Seattle Seahawks battle -- -- Denver Broncos Sunday night as they were both 48 and it is not just the game it is an exercise in super security is well. ABCs come on Bradley has more. The first -- door cold weather Super Bowl is now only hours away. Fans are fired up. It's the Seattle Seahawks first good. Denver Broncos the best defense -- the best office. So I'd like to help -- the Broncos. I get another championship and but you have other people that you'd like to work force well we go after -- At all times about the -- moral principle owner best -- -- wanted to best argument. Here at MetLife stadium in New Jersey final preparations are underway earlier in the week crews cleared snow. Sunday's game time forecast as mild in the mid to high thirties our game is to experience -- ailments part of what we do it's part of football. New York City has transformed Broadway into Super Bowl boulevard large crowds are enjoying concerts and greeting NFL players past and present. An unprecedented security plan is in full effect. Bomb sniffing dogs fighter jets in the sky helicopters and high speed boats in the water with radiological detection and infra -- sensors. Every delivery to the stadium is getting a police escort. No specific terror plot has been identified but officials say they're leaving nothing to chance. The FBI is also on alert on the look -- for any lone wolf factors like the two Brothers accused of bombing last April's. Boston Marathon an event like this the president was that we don't know about who comes out of nowhere -- want to make a statement. Definitely. The FBI has -- thousands of background checks -- workers here at the stadium from the crews to clean up to people selling concessions. Come -- Bradley ABC news east Rutherford new agers it. Now earlier today the head coaches from both teams spoke about plane and -- -- game. He really took -- getting fired a couple times and. Getting kicked in the button in all that to to really get it. To the point where it is now unfortunately. He learned the hard way -- country -- us do but sometimes you have to and it's taken. You know it's taken some shots to take to get here. But it's it's. It's a tremendous. Time for us -- you know us as we get older we you know we've been through so much and we've had some of the experiences that you can't help to get better if you keep compete and keep -- and that's really what's happened. You can't do it by yourself as coaches head coach as an assistant coach it takes. Leadership in that locker room and I think you know those guys for -- -- raise all boats and people. You know not just don't want electric coach now -- well at the city of their organization -- they -- -- -- their teammates down. Young people made reference the culture you set your building and I think you know you -- players like that leading the charge an occasion that you really can't do by yourself so. No I appreciate. -- you know and championing guys like that in that locker room and -- -- big part of why we're sitting here. The calm before the countdown obviously taking very quickly as -- joining us now from East Rutherford in the meadowlands ABC's Josh Haskell Josh. We have been crying -- here in the northeast for the past couple weeks about how cold it is the middle of January imagine that. Put on your meteorological cap for a minute what's forecast the sun. Well -- temperatures are supposed to be in the twenties now there's only about a 10% chance of precipitation. Which I think is good news for officials no snow probably no rain. -- the same time though it is going to be cold there's no denying an anymore there was always the question how cold. It's cold out here -- and we could see me. You know three -- -- smoke and it may actually have tents set up where all the fans will go through security when they arrive so. You get here and you'll be able to go inside and a heated tent very different than. In years past and obviously the cold weather weather officials want to be or not is a huge theme of this Super Bowl -- huge part. And fans will be prepared the you don't forsake us here in the northeast have -- getting this kind of moniker of being a bunch of babies because we can't handle the -- so obviously this Sunday we have to really kind of put on game faces and more than one way what do you think I -- officials have -- regretful about making -- choice plan MetLife stadium. You know I really don't think they are everyone saying this is football weather this is how football weather supposed to be played Woody Johnson. The owner the -- -- was a huge proponent of bringing the Super Bowl here. He said that for weeks and for months and you know. -- -- -- our players are tough. You make it to the Super Bowl you better be tough so come on out here and show us what you've got and so I think that. That they're not concerned I would I will say that the next three Super Bowls are planned to be played in warmer climates. Arizona. San Francisco and then Houston so it's not like there you know calling this a huge success story and rated jump back into a cold. Climate I think it's something that they're definitely learning. There's definitely a big sense of pride to that this is really the first cold weather Super Bowl first mass transit Super Bowl and it's something that. They're feeling pretty pumped up about -- amassed threatening weather site security also the big concern me. Almost as we overshadowing a lot of the weather -- the game itself anyone lucky enough or even. Wealthy enough to get a ticket what -- have to go through actually to get to MetLife stadium. Well there are about 111000. Parking passes that were handed out so that means that about. It's roughly two thirds of the people the 80000 fans attending the game. They'll be taking mass transit. Com and those parking spots are not cheap we're hearing they started a 150 dollars to the people taking mass transit trains buses. They have to leave time and prepare but at the end of the day there's -- new Jersey transit station here. -- have MetLife stadium which is obviously rare to have it right at the stadium so I think that. Really new Jersey transit buses and trains they're prepared for this fans will go through security. At the stations and at the stadium so it's not like you know this is something that they haven't been planning for they are proud that this is the first mass transit. -- -- -- hotels around here. It's it's really something that people are commuting to our audio want to ask you about this because you guys have been coming Super Bowl preparations -- -- it has been leading up to this. There has become this almost divisive. Animosity between new York and New Jersey because everyone is saying had a Super Bowl is in New York when in fact guess what here's the secret. It's in New Jersey. Yet there's you know I think they'll officials didn't want there'd be any type of competition they want it evenly split. But between New Jersey new York -- the press conference earlier this week the head of the of the committee said you know what. New Jersey has the facilities. And New York has the hospitality in hotels so that's what I really our visitors are. Majority of them are staying in New York City seawall boulevard is in New York City for those hospitality events. And then. Here in New Jersey the teams are staying here. The facilities are obviously here so they're really doing -- are trying at least a split them and let everyone know this is not just one city this is really. Two cities two states. Working together to put on this huge. Huge event united we stand in Times Square Tiananmen down -- -- -- -- that you have been down -- -- is it that couldn't get more chaotic down there with. Three floors of an Eminem story is actually overshadowed. By Super Bowl boulevard that's taken place there a lot of money to get it it's -- -- that what a ticket present when asked about that because there -- some reports earlier this week in fact that. This sort of low -- the pricing on some of these tickets. So the update right now is that the cheapest ticket will cost you 15100 dollars. The average ticket is. 2000 dollars from a little over 2000 up a 2000 dollar 646. That is not the lowest it's ever been out of the last eight years it's the second lowest some people want to blame the weather. Supposedly ticket prices dropped 40% once the two teams to Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Made it to the big game so we're starting to see a little bit of a rise -- prices they go back and forth. League officials say they are not concerned that this is not the big cause for. For concern on the airport but again 15100 dollars maybe it doesn't seem like that much to make it to the big game you might not have great seats but it's doable. But we abide by New York standards and and that's basically a cup of coffee in like -- night out ascension Thursday night so it's into the bargaining gas -- Bruno Mars and halftime show controversial choice. For the entertainment and you had a chance you shall we say pepper him. With a question yesterday right. Yes you know whole Lotta times obviously when it was Bruce Springsteen. Bob -- other performers it's really just been then. Occasionally they have a special. Gas that these people are so big on their own. They asked Bruno Mars they said hey Bruno who when -- -- -- performance and he selected the Red Hot Chili Peppers actually asked him. About that yesterday why he decided to cooperate then take a listen. Wondering how the -- -- came about with the Red Hot Chili Peppers what it's been like rehearsing with them are you excited to work with them and what I -- back. The NFL is what we got a phone call that play we love you know on these things -- -- to raise the stakes and and and and have you know you can have another artist there with you would you like to do something like that. The first band I thought it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I've been a fan of there's -- such a long time I admire their career and after sitting down and I sat down with flea. -- -- digits this this soulful man and -- musically but. As as people you know I said now fleeing and he's so passionate about music even -- this -- doing it for so long. He's still so passionate about creating music in performing. And down. In -- surround myself for guys like that matter so it's an honor to be sharing the stage with them. And that -- their one of my personal favorite bands of all time -- I'm I'm excited that. So not just Bruno Mars also the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Richard B of a pretty amazing show he was very charismatic yesterday the press conference seemed extremely comfortable in this role. He's only -- 27 years old I believe when he said 128 -- so he's pretty young to be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show. But he definitely seems up to the task is excited. A final note from Bruno. Everyone was pressing him can you tell us anything about the performance any surprises and he said the surprise is that it's going to be cold. The accident talents -- it's also on his mind okay -- On that then the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- sort of known to perform. Without shirts on now I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but it was ten years ago this year that we had -- into this important. Wardrobe malfunction -- just it's so. Flustered in the sand. What what are we and we Saturday they had -- and -- clothing enemy and they're like down market is are they gonna go. All natural round. Well if you look at the people that have performed after that soldier wardrobe malfunction the NFL -- -- tried to hit. Stay away from that stay away from that image -- -- with some older Rolling Stones U2 some citizens safer Bob performances so. I feel like they're gonna do everything possible that -- make the red hot -- divers including fully. Keep their clothes on track. And I don't think that that's in the cards this year but it's the super bowl of the biggest stage you never -- that simple -- that they've been working hard as we've been the same time I know you've been hit a lot of hot spots for Super Bowl parties. -- -- -- Well I have really been -- a lot of the events so far the media day was really exciting there was a lot of celebrities there are out all the players are there is really sort of a fun atmosphere. You -- of bunch different celebrities that were. Talk and the players asking them questions for different sort of variety shows that the big big party start this -- and of course. There is the Bud Light hotel which is in a cruise ship on the Hudson River. Bears Jay-Z is doing -- direct TV party. Max and having a party like every year. These parties invade the Super Bowl city obviously it's New York City which is no stranger to parties so these will most likely be bigger and possibly better and harder to get into than those in the past. Are out of keeping -- -- on page six or ask I'll be looking for any kind of headlines of -- -- talk about on Monday morning ABC's Josh Haskell in East Rutherford Josh thanks very much appreciate that. Of course complete coverage -- here -- as countdown continues for Super Bowl 48 for now I'm Dan Butler New York with this ABC news special report.

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