U.S. Open ball person tryouts

ABC News' Brad Mielke discovers what it takes to become a ball person at the U.S. Open
2:49 | 06/29/18

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Transcript for U.S. Open ball person tryouts
They as I'm bright milky at ninety with the US TA Billie Jean King tennis center in flushing queens. And not all of us can be professional tennis player I get that when I want the US open I watch and I think ball boy call girl I can do that right. The US TA holds bowl person tryouts for the US open every year so why arrived bright and early with one goal absolute domination. For this month I'd seen US open ball people tossing at a play balls before. And so I was warming appealed can it when Tina taps the director of US open bowl persons through me curve ball. We're gonna have a new thinking. Yeah we won't be rolling this here. How can that risky. Okay opens up the whole move forward really good athletes that we insulin. I don't even know how to best yeah okay. It's set with my right after everything and no problem my route to excellence would now just be an underhanded one. To get an edge and enlist in coaching Chama in nineteen. Okay so let's go full speed them. It's as a. We're pick for running. It was time to take the court for my try out it was time to show everyone I was not a ball boy. But a ball man. I chased after tennis balls and roll them back to my seem to be colleagues over. And over the. And over again. And I go see a video that can. Most important thing about being a ball there's. I would say that he didn't match going as smoothly as possible world almost like. We're there boy I've seen this kind of just get the balls off get off WiMax as a team in the way. We just keep it going as far as smoothly as possible. But Katie advice to use and it paid off. Great so I get a comeback vehicle she cut back basic. Yeah its yeah it's. Are you how did you come. Low heat. He tenets it went up. And I've been. Definitely okay cool all right so. You know I'm cramming a little better. Miami territory but had a great time here today you guys and then and I think it got a future as a Baltimore itself from ABC news I'm Bret milky in Queens. We'll see you at the open. Taking a small.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke discovers what it takes to become a ball person at the U.S. Open","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"56274091","title":"U.S. Open ball person tryouts","url":"/Sports/video/us-open-ball-person-tryouts-56274091"}