US Soccer President Says Re-Election of FIFA President 'Disappointing'

Sunil Gulati says he is "embarrassed" by the allegations of corruption and bribery facing members of FIFA and expressed disappointment that Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA president amidst the scandal.
3:30 | 05/29/15

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Transcript for US Soccer President Says Re-Election of FIFA President 'Disappointing'
It's a shock it's hugely disappointing that we have that many people that are involved in the game whether to CONCACAF or fifa and that we're involved. Alleged to have been involved and in illegal activity. Let let the investigation into ice time with take their course but of course it's hugely disappointing is that a reflection of fifa. If there's so many things going on in most of the allegations this case were alleged. Against members of CONCACAF and comparable to confederations there. Some of those people are also announcing Bob fifa. Fifa some membership organization. If there's that anything going on with members obviously it's a reflection on fifa and it's not a good reflection and I'm embarrassed by it. I'm shocked and disappointed by an angry about it so absolutely and that's got to change. When all Canada when all in. USO went all in on its anybody but said. Give me sense the sense of frustration disappointment. At this point. While Europe may have gone anybody but that's not that wasn't. Our position I nominated for installing. And we've we clearly voted friends that we would do that so and in that sense we went Wallin because we believe in and we believe the need for reform it's obviously. This plan result from my perspective. That's pizzas. It's a decision that's been made by the congress I met a delegate immediately afterwards who came out and said you can't fight the mafia. Do you feel that this was a corrupt process and that the thief is corrupt Noah I don't listen I think the process it is what it is and an advocate anything. It's it's been it. Tremendously open process in the sense that neither candidate is said lots of nasty things that the statement though about -- itself the but. Particular delegate went on to say that he thinks fifa is corrupt even though he's a member. I mean. Do you feel as if the organization's growth I think this needs lots of governance changes and reforms so don't want to characterize it in and that particularly that that. Does make sense to me. But it needs a lot of allied governments inform you supported Dolly. There's another open the door firm Mexico when it comes to the next decision at the expense of the USA. An interview will cut the act made it very clear yesterday we understood what the consequences. Were in terms of World Cup's or anything else. And our position was yesterday and it is today with sorts of issues that. We are supporting additional governor's phone that more important Ali's campaign. And bringing more integrity and bringing better governance to the organizations which were involved are far more important hosting an international and should Russian hosts and that's. Broke up. The executive committee fifa decided that obviously a lot of people have raised issues. And it's that it's important a very big issue not just their fifa vote for the IOC about. The intersection of things like human rights things light gender equality all those sorts of issues and need to mention those things with sports. I've said in an infant you know what thief and Nancy were able to do. By in South Africa but the position they took clearly help call some of that change. It's. What I'd say he is there are some organizations that are involved in the space to believe that people should boycott. Human Rights Watch doesn't think that they don't think people should play and that's not going achievement so Russia's hosting the World Cup and you know they would they were elected to do that and. That's that's where when he eighteen will be in twenty point two in Qatar.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Sunil Gulati says he is \"embarrassed\" by the allegations of corruption and bribery facing members of FIFA and expressed disappointment that Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA president amidst the scandal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"31405052","title":"US Soccer President Says Re-Election of FIFA President 'Disappointing'","url":"/Sports/video/us-soccer-president-election-fifa-president-disappointing-31405052"}