Best Weather Apps for the iPhone and Android

Forget the built-in iPhone weather app or
3:00 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Best Weather Apps for the iPhone and Android
-- Yeah yeah. It's summer which means I spend most of my dance I would say 50% -- my days. In my office checking the weekend forecast and I tell my box. But -- actually over the last couple weeks become obsessed with finding the perfect weather and -- perfect I mean the one that tells me on Saturday it's going to be perfectly sunny. No humidity at around 85. Okay that's not true but here's what I found. For the iPhone there are a lot more choices and just the -- an option. The weather channel and whether -- are specially guide for DT out information. But there are some that are really visual options. Solar for instance isn't really eye catching. You can hold down on the screen and swipe out to see how the rest of your day is an -- Pinch and you can view a number of different cities. But if you're looking for in -- and eye candy -- new weather app combines -- -- out for the iPhone and android and Paulson photos from flicker that show what the weather is -- Swipe up and you can see forecasts and other details including radar maps. Did -- -- like snow and rain there's another app called dark sky and it tells you it's gonna rain now generate in the next hour. And then a level of the type of training can also report here on rainstorm -- can shake the found. And report the different types of precipitation. So that's the iPhone but there are some other great apps for android phones -- well. What is called eye in the sky it's got a very basic clean design. It's also informative you can dig into the -- Arab League forecasts. There's also AccuWeather for entering and while the app seems to be sick and has some great widgets that you could put on your home screen -- It's pretty DT output forecast and radar information. But for some people all these apps are just like light drizzle for the hardcore weather -- -- -- meteorologist there are a slew of other past. And that's why -- caught up with ABC news is meteorologist. -- Jersey. My fair weather at this radar scope -- and -- went out and he now helps him more than -- anything and the American. And history and ginger is of course an expert and knows at all which is why I asked her why some of these apps just never get it right. It's not a meteorologist -- a computer working on a bunch of different and sites taking their initial conditions and work and then it's not perfect and it's far from it. -- -- wholesale load will they take your job Sunday at Selena and it's silly to think that because if you like saying it will wet and the ever taken actor's -- health. See that's the thing he'd get into it -- that says that its its hedging its -- still -- -- -- at some point during the day and it's going to be hearing. And that's not being -- and if you want to act. Joanna stern ABC news New York. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Forget the built-in iPhone weather app or","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"19699833","title":"Best Weather Apps for the iPhone and Android","url":"/Technology/video/best-weather-apps-iphone-android-19699833"}