California Fireball May Have Been Meteor

Residents lit up Twitter and other social media sites following unexpected event.
4:16 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for California Fireball May Have Been Meteor
This is a special room. Hello everyone I'm -- Hernandez in New York with this ABC news digital special report. Folks in Southern California were treated to a fire -- across the sky last night. Many citing reports were on Twitter but we caught up with a few eyewitnesses as well. And it -- Watching it was coming like a slow motion that was about as big as I would -- about -- cantaloupe. But it was perfectly wrong all blue -- just the very tip of it was typical wanted -- that humongous. Tip was just orange. Covered up Pico boulevard go to east and -- move across the sky it was his brightest could be. And and then a one -- -- at first I thought it was itself for the July you know what's happening you illegal fireworks. But it was. This -- came across the sky is bright and it was very thick. For more on the -- let's bring in ABC's Alex Stone in Los Angeles Alex calling it -- meteor are we're sure that's what it. That's what we think it -- right now a -- that's what astronomers are telling us they think it was as well and as you heard from those witnesses it was seeing from. Santa Barbara down to CN BA go down to Mexico some reports even in you time and in Arizona. This was widely seen this is something that a lot of folks on overnight. And you can imagine the thought of what is this thing it's the middle of the night the sky lights up you -- shooting across. It was not the work coming to earth it was not aliens invading it was not a plane crash luckily. We believe at this point that it was a meteor not like this one behind -- -- it this one is a little blown up compared to what it actually was. But astronomers say they think it was meteor do we have any chunks -- that left behind on the ground -- at Albert Knapp. Nothing that has been found right now there may be something somewhere. There are astronomers and folks from observatory is it will go out and books or any pizzas. They don't know exactly where it came down -- seen over such a wide area of land. That the you can imagine what it's so high going so fast about 65000. Miles an hour it could Atlanta just about any -- That's really something to take a look at was this part of a larger meteor shower and normally they can predict -- was this something we were looking out -- Well it's something that we knew was going on Victoria meteor shower is under way right now so we're told there could be more that we might see tonight -- may not just -- in the west could be across the country. -- is somewhat unusual to see on the West Coast the last one was October 30 part of a different meteor shower that was. -- in the Pacific northwest but here in Southern California they're not seen all that often is you know -- your time living here. But it wise at least believed to be at this point part of the torrid meteor shower and -- astronomers say hey. It happens it made quite a show and we may see more. And social media of course lit up with reports of sightings we have comedian Eli Breeden. We -- out this just on absolutely insane me here in the sky above Glendale California. Either that -- the eight -- invasion. Has begun a lot of the news of this -- actually spread three Twitter. It did Twitter lit up so to speak out -- this happened Twitter was very very busy over night. As you can imagine that's where people go now -- they see something it's the middle of the night. You don't call your neighbor anymore and say hey did you see that you go to Twitter and say. -- holy you know what did you see that that's what they were doing overnight. -- Twitter very very busy thousands of people said -- -- this light up this guy. Including in the witnesses you played there one of those that was Tom a bond Jesus city councilman he says he immediately. I've tried to figure out what was going on and all the reports coming in we're telling him that that it was a meteor as well so officials sought. Folks -- driving down the road side. And a lot of people went to Twitter to report -- And maybe it was a good omen for their IPO today this morning exactly it's all about Twitter today and and look this help -- -- a little bit hard ABC's Alex done in Los Angeles thank you so much for joining us. Andy thanks I could not contain YouTube you can of course -- with the latest headlines right here on for now -- Hernandez in New York but his ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20818761,"title":"California Fireball May Have Been Meteor","duration":"4:16","description":"Residents lit up Twitter and other social media sites following unexpected event.","url":"/Technology/video/california-fireball-meteor-20818761","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}