CES in 60: Sony 4K

Sony's got more than just a 4K TV at CES.
1:27 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for CES in 60: Sony 4K
They guises as you -- -- -- I'm here at CES 2013. At this Sony this and you guessed it they've got a Sony four KTV. Joining the hordes of other -- here at the show. I'm -- -- Bryant -- from Sony he's gonna tell us in sixty seconds swipe Sony's got the best line you're ready to go. -- -- So Sony four K televisions -- the best because we are the innovators of -- content. We developed the content in our movie studio we developed the movie cameras to capture Forte and we developed the televisions that display. And not only are -- playing the best court -- content but we didn't reinvented the way audio is that is heard -- -- -- -- tells -- -- -- consumers. Now. Does that sound is absolutely amazing and a double -- 55 and 65 things to join -- 84 in court today. -- consumer market. The becoming a market here in strength and our Forte -- products will extend into everything from cameras to. Computers all the way down all of -- computer oh lead on our -- Some electronics. -- how much he would have done it costs and other person with a lot of money spent 25000 dollars any idea and a pricing and also -- -- they definitely coming out. So there will be coming out in spring and they will be less than 25000 dollars.

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{"duration":"1:27","description":"Sony's got more than just a 4K TV at CES.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"18161439","title":"CES in 60: Sony 4K","url":"/Technology/video/consumer-electronics-show-ces-2013-recap-highlights-sony-18161439"}