Controlling Household Goods With Your Mind

Wearable technology could restore autonomy and control for ALS patients.
5:00 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Controlling Household Goods With Your Mind
I was diagnosed in early 2004. At age 36. I knew de -- was a gradual paralysis but didn't know it was a death sentence. However I took a life lesson from surfing and -- -- panic washed over me I got on with the process of living. Yeah. Yeah and. Everything requires me -- home and instructs someone else this is humiliating and frustrating. The next -- your head or nose pictures see how long you can restrain himself from scratch. But now compounds that occurs during the day. Count every time to adjust lighting or temperature. Now imagine being unable to speak we're looking to give the instructions. Congratulations. You have imagined a fraction of a percent of my daily life. We really believe. -- power technology to improve the way people work -- analysts such a devastating it's we're lucky enough to work with some really inspirational. Thomas that more than anything and -- this morning and adds. Relatives and create something really special. -- and he's never been to. Perfect likeness awards inspired employers today. The two main things that patients. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And would like to regain control. On things around us to be moved from -- -- -- But in our colleagues. And begin to explore brand new US -- analyst. It was really complete the where thousands to take our -- The American plants -- -- her headset uses insists she needs an electrical signals -- -- -- praying to detect these thoughts feelings and expressions -- -- time. He denounced -- -- to control an external application. Even some simple facial movements -- -- leading content and uses conscious thoughts and. For brings together some of particular Jimmy Harris. -- the show cultural products which could very quickly gets stern. And experience can contact them and Schroeder who uses and to patients to have -- first idea networks. You -- stuff floating objects -- So you simple things like switching -- clients. Switching -- -- teach -- favorite child. Asking for help. Without having people -- presence to help -- My mind I'm not calling her morning. All with the power of good morning. And two cents T believe TT sends texts and email messages and certainly there -- easy to -- communicate this looks and you. Particularly. To preserve issues with expertise. In signal processing. Being human interaction between -- -- To identify which purchased. The biggest impact. Own people. We've reduced will be used to. Any system misfits -- user and trucks in different ways depending on their ability from touching the tablet itself. Two speech -- or using -- trucking and winking at conventions through the different rendition of patients and truck. Eventually they don't spend. But the ultimate challenge. It's -- technology that allows them to control these things. Without the use their fine points. Will oversee is the potential -- techno. Diesel innovations like the kids could help people with -- building -- Take back some control. It's amazing what can happen when you bring together confidence to take on the challenge as begins this. This is how we create the future -- But cruel to coaching successes and innovations and we never lose sight of the reason was -- decent first place. Technology is about augmenting our human abilities since the first -- human used a -- We're stick to augment its strength or -- there will be. Technology has been a part of us. The mildest form of technology is that which allows recovery of lost abilities and makes us -- once more. Okay. And and. --

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{"id":24842947,"title":"Controlling Household Goods With Your Mind","duration":"5:00","description":"Wearable technology could restore autonomy and control for ALS patients.","url":"/Technology/video/controlling-household-goods-mind-24842947","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}