Crowd for New iPhones Attracts Skid Row

A number of people say they were paid to wait in line at the Apple store in Pasadena.
2:23 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Crowd for New iPhones Attracts Skid Row
There is a significant police presence here this morning outside the Apple Store at least 34 patrol -- are out here. And other reason is that little line it's very long as usual always this -- goes down to delays seat and then all Italy -- in green street if you're familiar. With Pasadena that -- -- pretty you know long -- there's a lot of people last count was about 200 people. But the reason for the police -- is that a number of the people out here. But they've been waiting in line all night are getting paid to hold their spots in Pasadena police and the folks themselves tell -- they were brought here from Skid Row -- told they would be paid to stand in line and as a result the experience. For a lot of folks hasn't been. As comfortable at this as it's been in the past -- Pasadena police did confirm they had to respond to a few disturbance calls and at least. One report of an argument over a space in line. But no arrests have been made -- I did have the opportunity to talk to a couple of women. Who say that they were brought here from downtown Los Angeles and we also talked to one yen lady who says it's been on a long night for her. They came by and said that they needed people to -- in line for the opening of the new life five. And would we do O'Neill and I just heard and I came down and censure want I'm here -- -- -- do my husband's birthday so this money how many. I'm here I'm making music and about creating. He can't sleep that they would just talk hot guy. There's a lot of job almost writings this. Unpleasant experience. Quite a few people out here and a new element here a group of people who tell me. They are getting paid to hold spots one woman by the name of Mickey who didn't want to go on camera she tells me. I had someone went to Skid Row yesterday and made an announcement that they could get paid for standing in line at least one person here also tells me they sought to -- full. Of people from Skid Row -- believed to be from Skid Row who were dropped off here late yesterday. And dad to aerial Johnson. You've -- in line here since last night right since about six or seven what is UC. Last seen. A couple of -- and a couple cars pull up and just let him out and look and they -- will be back with your food so. Wouldn't that it and what's it been like out here. To say the least has been. Punishing. Not by and unpleasant but no other couple great people dead -- me tell us --

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{"id":20318718,"title":"Crowd for New iPhones Attracts Skid Row","duration":"2:23","description":"A number of people say they were paid to wait in line at the Apple store in Pasadena.","url":"/Technology/video/crowd-iphones-attracts-skid-row-20318718","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}