Entertainment Options Expand in the Next Generation of Luxury Cars

ABC News' Alex Stone looks at the latest in luxury automobile entertainment options with Cadillac at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
4:37 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for Entertainment Options Expand in the Next Generation of Luxury Cars
Everybody I'm Alex Stone ABC news were at the LA auto show which opens up on Friday these preview days actually called. Auto mobility. And we are getting a preview of what folks are going to be able to see win this opens up on Friday. I have met the Cadillac display here this is the S scholar this is a concept vehicle they say may or may not one day. Be out on the the streets you maybe it'll drive one day. But the new lines of cadillacs they say that it's all about the smoother lines that this smoother look. And as we walk over here you'll see a lot of the the showroom floor shabby is there buicks there we're gonna protect them all out later today. They're showing off these new vehicles the name at a game this year being all about. Compact SUVs it seems like every auto maker has some kind of compact SUV they want to show off. Make my way over to one of the vehicles of Cadillac. But they're backseat entertainment expert I'm the guy who knows everything about backseat entertainment to show what they've got going on in there upcoming vehicles here. This is Michael who I'm gonna meet up with the fancy meet you in his backseat over here. Let's get in as we. Spin around. And Michael I was saying you are the. Backseat entertainment specialist. In vehicle technology which is a backseat as he added the backseat. Tell me what at what we're in right now and what we're look at Sorin the 2017 CT six plug in hybrid on that will be launching billed customers and whispering. And in the backseat since not to be in this karma got these two beautiful. Tom ten inch HD screens which really allows customers to bring their content and then watch videos in the in the backseat of the CD six which. And when Westinghouse are delivering room Michael for a driver have someone drive you in Washington here now you were telling me you can actually make this. Like theater experience you can you can put the shades out solicited in the factory here presses and goes down. And then bring it back up and then you've got these industries here. Which the windows up. Nice private dark experience you can watch any movie content game maybe vacuum that she liked him. My experience act idea and I live now you can use headsets and the they're two screens here and they're both HD screens and you can watch them independently. I and you can with the audio on the Bose system and here you can you can have a play through the bill tanner a system that's 34 speakers. Playing that sound through the through the car you're also the optimist you individual speaker had phones back here so. I'm watching something you're watching somethings have had in that conflict noise can have our own personalized experience. Ops fraud and Berry is another big screen everything is there's that it did digital dashboard that the glass dashboard but their physical buttons in here as well the actual physical controls for air conditioning and the the controller's seat controls and what not why bring back the physical months customers like having tactile feel and having the ability to control physical bond for their HVAC controls. So we brought that back you do you also have the option control that. From the infotainment screen but having that secondary option and driving vehicles that can control the expect them. Where is in car entertainment going to feel like we have seen everything there are screens in the car and there is that the Bose surround sound system you can have your entertainment. You can plug in you can USB you can do pretty much anything you want. Word is to go from here and I Sammy Lee. Kind of been the pioneers in this with forgy LTE bringing back to the car now with your C entertainment but. It's about personalization and sure we've got all these devices like I have couple iphones got a couple iPad the most common ground devices. That having to carry all that with me acting then came into my car and have my content waiting for me so I'll watch a video I can get into the car simply streaming off my phone and then get it up on screen is sort of fumbling with a bunch devices trying to connect. Everything's integrated seamless wanna get in here I'm ready up 2017 CT six we had discussed. The sixers player hybrids going to be about 75 in change before the federal tax credit. You plug it. Happy ending you're going to go India Austin idol they surmised could not contain it. So look at what Cadillac Scott coming up especially from the asked the in car experience and Michael who knows everything about it we're gonna continue looking around here at the LA auto show it's got GMC next US they've got a lot of it the bigger vehicles over here. And again a lot of the companies going towards compact SUVs this year but there are still. The big ones people want their pick up trucks said they they also want new technology Hyundai and Amazon teaming up to have a lacks in the vehicle something Ford announced. Not that long ago but now Hyundai says we'll actually have it in their cars for 27 team. From the LA auto show I'm Alex don't ABC news thanks for joining us have a good day everybody.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"ABC News' Alex Stone looks at the latest in luxury automobile entertainment options with Cadillac at the Los Angeles Auto Show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"43583800","title":"Entertainment Options Expand in the Next Generation of Luxury Cars","url":"/Technology/video/entertainment-options-expand-generation-luxury-cars-43583800"}