What to expect from Apple's iPhone event

Apple is expected to release a bigger and more expensive iPhone at an event Wednesday.
4:04 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for What to expect from Apple's iPhone event
Big day were iPhone users apple is expected to have bell on unveil a whole new round. Iphones and some other products at their annual event in California will cars in Cooper California Cupertino California forest. But it preview well what are we expecting from on. Well Diane at the initial reports are to be able league or expecting three new high now this is now. Went to journalists from across the world descending here on Apple's campus you can see this row of television crews all going alive. Behind me you can see this Steve Jobs theater now this just opened last year it's pretty sleek you can see those forty foot. Are clear windows right there on the inside yet some journalists walking around taking picture to concede some apple employees wearing their blue shirts now you can say it is not a whole lot here on top the theater is actually down below that's where will be going inside here and just the bit to warn about the release of Apple's. New products now as I said there are initial reports now that there could be potentially three new iphones those votes if you believe the reports. Look a lot like the iPhone at. Acts which I have right here if you don't have an iPhone acts the big difference. Is one of the big differences from the old iphones as you don't. The home button here at the bottom actually have one of the older versions of the iPhone you can you know home button right there. Through the three new iphones lose that home button among. A number of other qualities and traits at those phones will have something else that's being reported at this point is those lifeboats could drop in price even though. We potentially will have the largest I don't ever the iPhone acts right now more than a thousand dollars these phones could drop in price. So good news for apple consumers. Of course you never know exactly what you're gonna get until you walked inside until you hear Tim Cook announce what their plane to unveil the previous phones come out and products come out. In September or late September so I was still a little time before the public will get their hands on I'm but certainly a lot of excitement. This morning. Until Iraq in this six but I liked the sound of a drop in price up neatly and that went. On a completely opposite note though earlier this week the president pleaded apple prices could rise due to those tariffs on China he says there's a solution. That there could be zero tax expert tax incentives if the company makes products in the United States instead of China anymore on that. Yasser the president saying if apple actually made more products in the United States that can actually help everybody experts today. That if he does push for the more tariffs on China it could raise. The cost of apple products between ten and 20% hot apple is pushing back on that tweet from the president earlier on this week they're saying. It is difficult to see how terrorists ever US companies in US consumers will advance the government's objectives with respect to China's technology policies. We hope instead that you'll reconsider these measures work to find other more effective solutions that lead the US economy in US consumer stronger. And healthier than ever before. We'll see if Tim Cook weighs in on this a little bit later today when he's unveiling all of the new products and die and you just maybe think. You know. The iPhone was launched initially back in 2000. In Staten and it seems like a world away from now a long time ago but really it hasn't been that long since the iPhone. I was created and really changed on the world in the way that we in Iraq so will see exactly what they do today and it they address. President trumps tweed. From early this way. Are hard to imagine life without Smartphones now that you realize that the day you forget home instead of that you're completely uplift. At a total costs. Well car or at the Cupertino California glad you see both of your having both of your phones on you. And will we look forward to get an update I'm looking in products part thanks so much.

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{"id":57773702,"title":"What to expect from Apple's iPhone event ","duration":"4:04","description":"Apple is expected to release a bigger and more expensive iPhone at an event Wednesday. ","url":"/Technology/video/expect-apples-iphone-event-57773702","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}