Fab.com: Behind the Coolest Shopping Site

How social media, mobile apps and cools stuff created one of the Internet's most popular stores.
3:00 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fab.com: Behind the Coolest Shopping Site
-- yeah yeah. Isn't it a shopping now of course a lot of people don't leave their home and actually shop online -- and designers -- or not only Taylor. But isn't new place to -- be there on your -- -- tablet -- your laptop even on -- and -- got a lot of cool stuff gets fat but. Literally. And -- the company's headquarters in New York to find out why this has become the coolest place to shop. I'm a big fan of fabric for those that don't know what is fast. That's very simple that is everyday design with the world largest online design retailer and we -- -- design we talk about things big and small price points -- categories. Press design is just about every day affordable -- colorful stuff. That fine and colorful stuff but this -- -- -- party's -- using mobile apps and social media. It's got a million users at this time last year -- over ten million now. That's huge growth. Having the two biggest things that factored into -- that growing faster than any other e-commerce web site plus your -- for social mobile. You -- of social. Into look at social commerce not -- something where it's well. At the end you know page -- -- -- button -- share button. To make it part of the core functionality and -- and so part of -- part of that experience is seeing what other people are buying right now. She was -- favorite tree now. Giving his mobile in mobile is huge for bad and we're having right now outer qualities 40% of our sales -- that kind of from the web users. That is here double what most e-commerce -- are seeing. And it comes down to it is really we think mobile burst we think first you know the way people function throughout the day is in the morning they can wake up when they open up there in their eyes and -- that I found. And we wanna be right there with -- what's -- today just like electric news in the morning when he checked. That in the morning. But there's another thing that's made that really popular really awesome stuff to I mean where else can you bite the world's largest -- -- A rolling alarm clock at banana that's a USB key. -- -- Another thing you guys are great dad is peaking inventory. Who does that we're aware that -- -- that are picking on his great staff at this time last year you know. Only wonderfully with -- 150. And the most people here focus on buying -- profits. Any chance as -- ever wanna go to their brick and mortar type. Retail location I would love to open up as a source for I make no bones about it I think that we should be multi device called a platform and we should be -- -- shoppers. We could be one of the first companies that figured out on digital first then go to physical -- companies that in the physical World Cup appearances. But they were not. Rushing to do it you know -- we've all been property -- time. But doesn't look or violent past or not -- and he'll -- -- would be like this and so. I think it it might Ian -- in the near future and in the combat. So last question what is your favorite product that. The documents hard generic down and this -- -- The hottest product this year is some of the year ago. The hottest holiday gift card here earlier this amazing ski mask beard all everything -- -- -- -- here and you know but appropriate but. Who doesn't utilities it. You can look fun you have fun this. And stay warm in the same time. So there you have -- fabric is clearly growing by the day both in terms of users and really cool products but now we just see them to open up those stores so everyone can play with the Legos. And try on the clothing. And there's one more thing. Until the end of the year fab is offering ABC viewers -- ten dollars off of -- merchandise if your new -- customer. He visit fab dot com slash ABC 2012. To pick up your -- out now.

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{"id":17970713,"title":"Fab.com: Behind the Coolest Shopping Site","duration":"3:00","description":"How social media, mobile apps and cools stuff created one of the Internet's most popular stores. ","url":"/Technology/video/fabcom-coolest-shopping-site-17970713","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}