Facebook gets a new look

Plus, Matthew McConaughey celebrates 50th birthday by joining Instagram.
0:50 | 11/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook gets a new look
In today's tech finds a new look for FaceBook. It's a new logo is simply the word FaceBook connect clean modern style but it's simplicity allows its use with all the services the company offers. It's Graham messenger what's happened so want. Amazon is expanding the list of its items eligible for same day and next day delivery the company is offering prime subscribers free one day delivery on over ten million items to expand that list is part of Amazon's effort to stay ahead of retail competitors. But Wal-Mart and target. And it's official Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey hey is on the grand he celebrated its fiftieth birthday on Monday by joining a social media platform. It's a gift to Hispanics who are already showing their appreciation. But dying has nearly 600000. Followers cannot do you can do at Yankee all right all right all right that's your tech bytes have a great day. All right.

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{"duration":"0:50","description":"Plus, Matthew McConaughey celebrates 50th birthday by joining Instagram.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"66762493","title":"Facebook gets a new look","url":"/Technology/video/facebook--66762493"}