Facebook Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Social Media network looks back at a decade of connecting people online.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Facebook Celebrates 10th Anniversary
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen -- new York and this is an ABC news digital special report. It was February the fourth 2004. -- Harvard undergrad name's Mark Zuckerberg launched a web site from his dorm room. It was called the FaceBook overtime -- would disappear and more than a half a billion people from around the globe with sign up log on. And start to share here's how the big moment looked in 2010 film the social network. Clean and simple and Disneyland like -- girls and. Yeah. This New -- in. This is what drives like the college are you having sex -- arguments when people extra classes consumer decent do -- -- do -- -- News center you know that's what FaceBook is going to be about it we're gonna -- on -- -- taken watermelon that's a chance -- actually gonna get away and girl. He's really good. It's pretty -- ready right now because it. Here's the last minute. -- You have no idea -- asking me -- Turning. -- -- -- -- with more than a decade under the influence here's Graham BBC's -- -- Status updates it's my birthday. After ten years of -- cooking and sharing FaceBook now has more than a billion uses it has pulled people together all over the world and finally. It's making lots of money. It does it by using your personal information you'll likes which is how it -- appetizing. Facebook's profits last year one and a half billion dollars. The people of slave and I section we ought to -- out. And that's slightly disconcerting. That actually the information -- supplying is what is keeping this going is creating the ad revenue need. It's creating the salesman says. I think more will be the beginning to realize that's benefited more and more uneasy and possibly leaving for that reason. This is Facebook's London headquarters protecting people stinks says insuring privacy has become the key issue. Last year FaceBook admits they perceived almost 101000 requests from American government agencies to access people's personal information. Think it's important that people not that bad intelligence that -- very anti tobacco industry and that we -- the fragment can of the people can do things. Are you who came to -- government spying agencies. I'm not looking to anti government -- -- -- they sat through it. What I can tell you is that we work very closely with governments around the world and our requests from time to time which -- -- population -- review and you you apple information. We would like government. To be more open about the information that that requesting. Because of the hottest that I set to. The most important thing for us is to cooperate to make sure that all uses of -- very confident in the platform and very confident. And how we protect that they -- The contents on FaceBook can be but -- all profound heart warming sometimes it's deeply offensive. Some of its so offensive like videos of the heading. That we -- so it's so more responsibility just FaceBook have for the material that people choose to post. EC's ever acceptable for example she seen. Videos of people being -- on FaceBook. I think we have to really understand what it is that FaceBook setting out to do. And we were very simple and that word mission based company and -- mission is to make the world more open and more connected and allow people to Sharon formation anything. And allow people to share information that is relevant to them. Now we -- what we had to. And allow people to share information with -- that is that is important to them. There are some like the prime minister -- -- -- approach is irresponsible and FaceBook need to explain their actions -- worried parents. There may be a minefields of privacy and content Morris FaceBook and its tenth birthday. -- it's proved remarkably and durable and profitable. And for millions now an essential parts of the day to day life. -- central BBC news. And with more now on FaceBook past present and future. I'm joined by -- -- nationals that's bigger man and Alison Sean tell from business insider thank you both for joining us. Several start with you a lot of social media sites -- cops come and gone since FaceBook went live ten years ago today. Why has these social network continued to grow expansionist -- These cases. You know I think FaceBook always knew its audience very well in the early days of news the college demographic. And went incrementally one school -- next school. And eventually decide network effect where. Friends told friends about the service and everyone had the -- and even as a service has gotten more complicated and advertising's been introduced. I think the whole street if everyone you know is a part of -- people want and Jordan. Allison -- documented the Facebook's humble beginnings compare the FaceBook then -- FaceBook now. Fifth offense was very much so little -- project they wanted to keep -- at Harvard they want to keep an exclusive. Now one point two billion people are on it. -- it's much much bigger much more robust they -- the initial version you can have one profile -- there -- no albums there's no photo tagging. Now it's a huge for photo sharing it gives everyone on the Internet identity -- -- passports that are. -- that you out. In the piece that you wrote that -- published today at FaceBook had become too big to fail so what's the answer for. I think at least when it comes to technology company is there is no such thing as being too big to fell what you can -- that's when it one point 21 point three billion users. It takes a lot to lose a kind of traction -- it's a lot producers to flee the size. And you know FaceBook does not lack any competition if you had to nominate a site -- an app that -- challenge FaceBook. For global social dominance -- it'd be. You know it's tough I think for FaceBook it's not one service -- ones it's going to be a collection. Perhaps whether it's. The snapshots of the world war Twitter and Google was. It's going to be -- combination -- services that would ultimately protect them. Well certainly the Goliath out there Allison is FaceBook hit its peak financially. And a number of users and doesn't need more users to make money just who is using FaceBook these days. I don't think they need necessarily more users to make money -- it helps. But with one point two billion users he could do quite -- -- and they've really are just think I think they're hitting their stride right now financially when you look at that IPO about a year and a half ago they're making no money from revenue from their mobile revenue at all. And now they're mobile revenues 53% of their entire business so I mean that's quite a leap in just a year and a half and I think it's just a sign of what's to come. Especially as they roll out more and more mobile. Pictures -- Mark Zuckerberg is certainly hit his stride speaking of money Forbes dot com ranks. Zuckerberg at the 66 richest person in the world his net worth nineteen billion dollars that's right with a B. As they still the center of FaceBook police still have a presence or will we see him taking a step. I think he saw very much the senator thinks back I don't see him taking -- -- back anytime soon I think especially now that he's starting to get to the mobile -- -- -- your things that the company. He's very happy with where he. And Allison also some Princeton researchers came out with a study that pointed to a decline in FaceBook usage. It indicated that may be that it's going the way of MySpace Friendster and some people may not even recognize those names these days. How unlikely is that scenario with face. Well I think it hurts us earlier article -- United States are too big to fail. It's important to keep in mind that he -- it's much much bigger than MySpace or -- ever lies in terms accusers. Terms of revenue they never reached anywhere near a billion users. So I don't think it's very likely at all that it'll go that way it's tough to say it couldn't happen but I think especially at this -- made. Smart acquisitions like buying instead Graham was a brilliant move on their part I don't see them going the way -- MySpace at all. We've also heard the digit decline of the -- -- should be we would should we be worried that we are seen a decline among teens. You may hear this anecdotally from time to time I think we're a long way from -- over the worry about Facebook's detained user that is the barrier to leaving -- and so -- I do things by for the propellers and -- like it's a little higher to with the don't think. I don't think we've really have mass exodus levels. -- certainly FaceBook a TrailBlazer what is what does FaceBook need to do to remain relevant. For the next ten years I think it just news to try to stay in humble and you're starting to see this -- this month. Thanks for introducing new mobile ops. Paper 41. Did recognizing that this is a billion users cited multi billion dollars in revenue but he's going to go after the start to compete against -- -- And explain that a little bit more -- center Alison how does paperwork. Well it's really a news reader -- basic really want to -- and -- contact -- dictating what -- -- users are seeing how it's displayed. Some comparisons let foreigners and other popular news reader -- The sort of works like that's very visual shows -- the top headlines your friends are sharing in -- that thinks you'll like cutting constantly have to be coming up with something new for the users. And that question for you both to you both -- -- FaceBook. I do I don't use -- as much -- by financing college. Had sought for me it's it's a way that I connect with for. But farther out friends we've got your mobile phone for all of your contacts and events that you can send photos people -- really close with that FaceBook. For all of your kind of peripheral friends it's really good to keep tabs on the month and family to. Fantastic. Forgetting about you have kept up. Pretty much the same for me I joined it just a couple months than. I've never stopped using it's it's the surest way to make sure I'm in touch with pretty much -- -- -- Die hard user all right and nationals that figure men and -- shot itself from business insider thank you both. One final note from FaceBook itself they've offered up a service called look back -- its anniversary. It's available to -- -- just log on at a slash look back to the FaceBook URL and you'll see a personalized version of that. Okay. The memories again you can find your personalized version by logging on to FaceBook dot com slash look back. Stay with abcnews.com for your latest headlines for now -- Michelle Franzen in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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