Facebook Home and HTC First: First Look

What is Facebook's phone software all about? And will you want it?
1:39 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Facebook Home and HTC First: First Look
Oh yeah. Yeah. -- wouldn't feel like if our following his we're design there -- people fifty steps. That's right faced this coming to -- crown and -- -- stressing -- -- have -- coming from. -- -- This isn't much more than that FaceBook has announced special software called home that runs on top of -- turns -- android phone in Q now. -- -- How does that work you login -- your FaceBook account and your profile photo is at the center of the experience. -- -- you'll seek cover photos and updates from your news gene -- win. We hold down your FaceBook photo you can then swipe up to open apps -- open messenger or you can go back here last. Doing something pretty interesting -- -- messaging -- BC does little circular heads and those are called -- heads and those are your friends that you're chatting and you can see them on any screen even when -- in other apps like -- -- good tunes you'll be able to -- -- on April 12 from the Google play store. Only -- have certain android fountains like the galaxy S three or the HTC one. FaceBook is doing something else to -- -- teamed up with each TC to make a phone that's pre loaded with -- soccer. HTC -- has a four point three HD screen -- five megapixel camera. -- across a hundred dollars when it comes out AT&T and -- well. You're dealt her transport your -- and great special. That much is clear but the big question do you want you.

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{"id":18884393,"title":"Facebook Home and HTC First: First Look","duration":"1:39","description":"What is Facebook's phone software all about? And will you want it?","url":"/Technology/video/facebook-home-htc-18884393","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}