Facebook Unveils Universal Search Function

Facebook has made its entire index of public posts searchable.
0:51 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Facebook Unveils Universal Search Function
In today's tech bytes a big change comes FaceBook the social network now allows universal searches. Which will give users access to all two trillion public polls. If you don't want your posts included select friends instead of public in your privacy settings OK I think I got fat if you're a fan of ships that you'll love it mr. Gramm's latest standalone app. Boomerang takes bursts of photos stitching them together into a 12 video loop and ended allows you to post them on into the ground or they think of next. Final legal rules of frightened guys that designed to help you avoid costing clashes that your Halloween party nationwide monitor that uses Google's data research data to create lists of the most popular costumes. In any location the top trends nationally. Comic book character. Partly Quinn and of course Star Wars nothing more embarrassing than boot Jill Bakken that the party.

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{"duration":"0:51","description":"Facebook has made its entire index of public posts searchable.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"34673520","title":"Facebook Unveils Universal Search Function","url":"/Technology/video/facebook-unveils-universal-search-function-34673520"}