Google Glass Enters the Operating Room

Using Google's wearable device benefits both medical students and doctors.
1:41 | 08/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google Glass Enters the Operating Room
The case was a routine repair of an injured knee ligament the event was anything but routine. As he performed surgery the Ohio State University Wexner medical center doctor Christopher Keating -- Google -- And for the first time transmitted a point of view operations -- audiences miles away like instructor appreciate the connectivity gave me -- in the possibilities. The fact that could sit there in real time. Both audibly and -- -- even know visually I could communicate somebody. While I'm in the middle case -- -- performed surgery on the east side of Columbus a colleague collaborated from his office across town. And on Ohio State's main campus a group of medical students on this historic event from a completely different perspective. I think we've all shadow insurgents before in the -- -- a lot of times -- to stand on the outside looking in that this really. It's really shows you what's what's going on in in the surgery itself. But beyond being a teaching tool the device could actually assist during an operation. As surging could potentially call up X rays or MRI images of the patient path -- reports and reference material. The doctor can even talk live to -- -- are specialists via the Internet. Anywhere in the world. It puts you right there real time so it's it's not always to be able to drop any kind of information you need. Or to get the help you need but it -- -- to do it. Immediately -- say they have visions of how this type of technology could change Madison though it still needs to be thoroughly tested and evaluated. But with one simple procedure doctors here have taken the first step of turning those visions into reality. At Ohio State's -- -- medical center this is Clark Powell reporting.

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{"id":20107847,"title":"Google Glass Enters the Operating Room","duration":"1:41","description":"Using Google's wearable device benefits both medical students and doctors.","url":"/Technology/video/google-glass-enters-operating-room-20107847","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}