Household robots can help with chores

While the household robots sci-fi experts imagined have yet to come to fruition, there are robots that can help with some household tasks.
4:36 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Household robots can help with chores
I don't know about you but for practically my entire life science fiction has been promising to utopian future in which I have robotics servants to do my bidding. There was Rosie the robot made from the Jetsons there was C three PO from Star Wars and let's not forget about bicentennial man. 1990s movie where rollover Robin Williams trades in his team in differs skins with hairy knuckles. All of these movies promise the same thing I'm not so distant future were reviewed by robots to do all the stuff the words you lose you ourselves but his future we got. I'm drew printed in this is robots everywhere assure we chronicle the slow but steady takeover of our robot overlord and show you how they're making their way into practically every facet of our lives. So here's the deal robot still kinda suck. Household tools they're getting better but they're definitely no where near what we were promised. Take rumba for example picture it can vacuum your carpet but it also can't tell the difference between dusk phony and doctored or look at this laundry folding robot which content. Technically get the job done bullet moves at the speed of dial up Internet. Clearly there's still plenty of room for improvement here the problem is that while household chores are fairly easy for us humans simple sounding tasks like making a cup of coffee or full pillowcase to require a ton of little skills like. Special reasoning in fine motor control that despite being easy for even the dumbest human require extremely advanced programming for a robot to pull off. Veba in order to walk into your house I don't see him make a cup of coffee for you. A robot would first have to understand what I teach kids how to identify and that's where coffee is usually stored. How didn't programs something like that. Even liberal elected do those things we didn't have to navigate vacation understand it because he's probably be covered somewhere open your cupboard doors. Recognize what the coffee looks like. And it seems fine motor skills to credit container and scoop out some beans without breaking. That series of events eased wildly complex and yes it's easy for us humans but it's insanely complicated for a robot. And C can be set it. Tons of other chores so unfortunately we're not quite at the point where we can go out and biased single robots capable of doing all your household tasks or you but we do have the next best thing right now we have a bunch of robots can be very specific. That's pretty decently. And if you read it wants them to get you can theoretically handover of most of your chores and machines. Grills robbers broke might gutter cleaners broke by counter tops and advertisers. And even robotic pets. That freed from the tyranny of cleaning up litter boxes and scooping up proof in your backyard. These are all single task robust economic and wants me but it didn't want seeing it pretty well. Now here's the exciting part. Just a few years ago none of these household robots can work together but now thanks to advances and a many of them can be strung together and controlled via yet another robot. Amazon's Alexa voice assisted. Just about every new household robots that release these days is deal with Alexa compatibility so you can literally just it elects. Turn on the vacuum or a lesson fire the lawnmower. And you AS mark speaker robot wind and pass that message to the worker robot. That wouldn't carry out the actual job. So away we do have a single Rula thank you lower household chores for us it's just not that Cingular robot that's doing all the work itself. Instead he's acting more like a director and delegating those tasks to a team of specialists worker robots that can actually carry out the job of cleaning your gutters scrubbing your toilet. Another way to think about it is that we have eight distributed household robot instead of the centralized on the science fiction has been promising us all these years. In a lot of ways that's actually a much smarter approach. First of all these super days do we all robot can still only do one task at a time. But it network of single task of us can perform a bunch of different shores simultaneously. Second ball if you have one roll out it does everything breaks down it can't do any chores at all. But if you haven't network Abbas didn't separate tasks he doesn't really matter if your room bus stops working you robot lawn mower in your girls forever would be affected at all so really. I think science fiction actually had it wrong this whole time the hopes of the future won't have one Butler blog does all your household chores by itself. Instead it was far more likely is that the home of the future we'll have robots.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"While the household robots sci-fi experts imagined have yet to come to fruition, there are robots that can help with some household tasks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"71651765","title":"Household robots can help with chores","url":"/Technology/video/household-robots-chores-71651765"}