HTC One: First Look

Does HTC's One reinvent the Android smartphone?
1:51 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for HTC One: First Look
Oh yeah. And yeah. It's about to be that kind of year where all the -- android -- -- released new phones with new hardware and maybe with some new software. HTC though is kicking it off and they've got their HTC wind and making some pretty bold promises about this stuff. HTC wants completely different we've absolutely reinvented the Smartphone with a loss of one. -- TC says they've been working and the design for two years it's made completely out of aluminum has speakers on the front and has a big. Four point seven inch. 1080. Ultra pixel is is a far more advanced than megapixel what it does is it's about twice the size of a standard megapixel. With that exercise -- able to bring a lot more light 300% more like. It's -- this enables photographs to be taken -- -- situations and more social situations without a flash. The gallery app has been spiced up and you can make -- HTC calls aids Elliott's a 32 video or photo clip. -- CC is changing the way android looks with its new sense five's software. The highlight is something it's calling blinks the. The home screen itself is alive visual feed things like their social networks whether that's Facebook or linked in or Twitter. As well as -- that they actually follow so we have more than 14100 content providers. Things as diverse as news and entertainment. And sports etc. that people can look down and -- in an instant be updated. The -- sure looks to be a hit and will be out in March at AT&T T-Mobile and sprint it's going to be around a 199 dollars the company says.

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{"id":18537892,"title":"HTC One: First Look","duration":"1:51","description":"Does HTC's One reinvent the Android smartphone?","url":"/Technology/video/htc--18537892","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}