A look inside Boeing's new space capsule

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Boeing engineer about the new Starliner space capsule and new space suit design.
14:42 | 04/05/17

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Transcript for A look inside Boeing's new space capsule
Hey guys I'm on the Nevada life in New York something special for Matt Ellis faced nerds out there coming up. Tech at that Boeing has now created and built the next generation. Space capsule it's called the star liner I know that sounds pretty cool I'm sure you have a lot of questions. We're gonna answer them all right now let's go live to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The space symposium is currently ongoing and Boeing. Following that. Tony half EA hot joins us live from there now thanks so much for joining. But thank you on and we're proud to be here at national space and doesn't showcasing the future of human spaceflight. It's a great time in a business supporting NASA on our human journey to Mars. Net Tony you are on a Boeing space exploration and business development team which sounds like it's typical job. The star liner I believe is right behind you there I guess the first question is. What was wrong with the previous generation of space capsules why did he need in new walking. Well the Boeing star liners next generation space capsule providing low earth orbit administered acts as to the International Space Station. Right now in Florida we're building the spacecraft that will be launching on the atlas five rocket to the International Space Station. Actually on the dying FaceBook we actually posted a 360. The entire launch sequence that you can put yourself in the action. What's going to be to fly to the International Space Station and here we're about to take you. Right to the driver's seat to dot I FS. Great that this is a simulator some kind right you can take us inside to show us what's new and different about this capsule. Sir so when we build the future human spaceflight and commercial space we'll take it over here to the Boeing star liner simulator. This actually are kicked out the vets took anything. What it takes to go and docked to the International Space Station and enhancing those astronauts that we can double the science. That's currently happening on space station today. I've got my great friend Ben Nelson. He had the Aegean and the engineer with those that Boeing great friend here and and a great engineer and we were collaborative the across bowing to bring this to the NAFTA so let's go put you on the driver's seat. We'll come on over. And we've got. Just really don't. One for one representation of what the future human space was gonna look like. The Boeing star liner. The space shuttle had about 14100 which as we optimize that about that in the eighties witches. And then we also have to me displays that give you eyes on the road if you will and you get ready to dot. And two wireless tablet thing you do your missing logs so it's. Next generation space depth of what we love about Boeing if you've ever been. This update seven dreamliner you'll notice the blue skylight that we're excited to stipulate that out here at national space and those in. Sit Tony tell us that Europe and the many of us who have not been inside one of the space capsule before. You mentioned that there are fewer screens things seem to have been streamlined what else is different about this capsule map. To the one that they were using previously. What was that about the scouts is that this commercial spaceflight we have might seats and arts Houston 100 spacecraft. The star liner spacecraft. We'll take Nasser Ford asked the crew of the International Space Station to conduct that science but we also have the fifth and available for paying passengers to an agreement with space adventures is over at ready to take. More and more humans or more Americans want more people of the world to become astronauts. In low earth orbit. And if you're ready I'm ready when a ticket for spin. Let's take antennae tell me look at how much it back and it cost and what they like call for tickets and is gonna write that down up back. Well probably look at commercial space currently we pay about the new England and the you know the right thing spacecraft. Commercial crew and in the competitive nature the new space exploration to low earth orbit these agents that cost and so we're looking only at NASA astronauts but. Universities institutions. Other countries to be a part of this human space flight journey. Very cool okay to take us through it now how does that work when your that in and that air. All right let's stimulate sympathy in the driver's seat. And in and the pilot the and what you see is you're about ten meters out from International Space Station. And so Ben Nelson a great engineers we have across the country. Really created this environment to be able to propel ourselves forward to the international space in space station. And what you see here on this display you see our. Radar system identifying the space station. Now I want driver's seat. The joystick to be able to come into the Internet based citizen but when you're on the Boeing are actually going up on honestly. You're there of their assistance and that meant there just in case that we come into the International Space Station what you'll see that number one I'm drifting a little bit. But I'll get back into the cone here and will work. Got to go right on my clothing rate with the International Space Station. And a putting the nose of the International Space Station in close proximity of the international docking adapter. Boeing have to just installed the international. Bildt the international but I'm talking about it we've had a couple of spacewalks. That he's seen. Written. NASA. Installing the new. Garage is that you will let any visiting vehicle compartment through the International Space Station suddenly go and start closing its workload recorder here. All the attendees your national space and in have been able to be put into the drivers the and at least do you want me here on the pilot Linda you're getting an actual view of what theater who think they would look like at UConn did you. Docking adapter so. Our astronauts. Really. Hats off to the software engineering team that built simulators but at the same time the other thing that we're very proud. Is the fact that the F up and take over just in case they visual cue rely on the automation in the event that they have than manual docking again it's all about ensuring that the astronaut. Is ready for first flight. Sit Tony just clarify your primary real quick here so. Are these features that you're describing now are these not currently available to astronauts as they're making their way to the ISS. I didn't quite get back to repeat the question I'm just wondering all these features you're describing now how they can see part of the ISS as they're approaching. The ability to kind of maneuver much more closely as they as they attempt to dock at the ISS are those features not available. Two astronauts right now. So any visiting that vehicle on the International Space Station. Is. Trained to dock with the international space age and again in the event that. The automated systems are not active but again. In a typical flight scenario you'll know you'll be an autonomous nature sitting back and seeing the docking system. Do its thing and outside texting and driving and what should never knew and being able to docket as opposed to the international space isn't on the simulator at the case we've nutter spoke a docking flicks that that we've been able. IA agent. International space things in life here. And you're out there in new York and all the all the all the viewers out there we just like the space station were ready to go for like here do that means is that resentment here but now I'm ready that the but you've got the and it lets you. He if I thought it experience. Tony hats off to you though we're being able to answer questions and simultaneously. Doctor space capsule at the International Space Station. I wonder though this isn't the simulator right so when will this actually be in use. Your beat the Clinton last writing quite get that yes just wondering timing wise what you can expect to eat the star liner. Out actual use they get. Well when look at repressed by immediate when he eighteen art we actually just turned on space craft one. For the very first time that our commercial for profits. For processing facility. Right behind the vertical assembly building at Kennedy Space Center where stress testing our our vehicles to the forced the flight getting all that great they. You know we've talked about seven years of them that gets ensuring that our vehicle was safe for first flight to Wear ready partnering with united launch alliance. Take our astronauts in the states. If you go out the Florida you'll actually see the crew active power in the right room the last. Room you'll see as you going through the fight had the star liner capsule. When you're on the launch pad to cut it in this fight here to go to the pilot because I was indicating earlier. And buckle in reply you'll. It's about six hours or so to get the International Space Station or can be likely to depending on mission operational space station when you get faith patient actually gonna. Leave your pilots and there you go down through. The ivy hat into the space station. Our first flight in mid 28 to you will that be will be in orbit around with the Boeing astronaut and NASA astronaut. And then we go forward. The next flight will be talking to International Space Station but. You know. One of the great things about flying in faces of that space suits are also pretty important. And right back here we have the Boeing 5100. Star liners they soon. Chris Ferguson is our deputy program manager on commercial crew. See if he went under our liner. And the last commander of the space shuttle and so the after not working for the Boeing company he gets the help create these faith think that the future. David Clark the great partner in the development of vehicle and they actually this suit. And that department with Reebok. Or athletic type of Hughes. You can. Start seeing the connections that the influences of what we do in human space flight. In the real world and the other things you can see with the suit many of the public that are here are commenting on that at the slow pursuit. It's more ergonomic it helps the astronaut really. Be able to move around the spacecraft and it's a soft helmet. That allows for more flexibility for the astronaut to view those switches. View that automation in the event they have to you be able to you. Take over that joystick like we did it earlier but we know we are building the spacecraft to the future and for the astronauts of the future. We all know we snapped we tax we're always connected I got mentioned earlier our space it has tablets. So our space suit. Is able to interact with those tablets and so we're ready for this teacher astronauts that. May want set a tweet from space or they don't want to pay Angry Birds in. They suspect that in today's. Tony that I have to say that. Suit there looks a lot more at night. The suits that the rest of us see in the movies all the time right like when you watch movie about astronauts are always wearing something that looks a little bit closer to that they did this now replace. That sort of Orange suit that we're used to seeing astronauts in when their. Going ready DeVon A getting ready to go take off. And that they pick up the back into the question you're asking when you Wear the suit can you repeat that my apologies here a little out with all of mountaineers are out here. I ensure that a lot of excitement there at the space symposium I'm wondering this suit did this to replace that big orange suit that we've all come today to get used the eight. Astronauts wearing when they're getting ready to take out. Rights and an interior CST when hundreds berliners are lower orbit and the International Space Station. This suit designed by David Clark is a mind of an optimizes line when you're the inside of the fiesta would highlight. Many people defined space suits like the white spaces of the orange spacesuits of the past. And the reason that they are larger is that they were different requirements for this speech it up to and including those white spacesuits which he used for deviate spacewalks so when you're talking commercial space you're in our star Leonard's about optimization informant that when you're in our spacecraft. And that's what drove us to a more ergonomic. And a little slimmer design and engineering it's all comes down the data at all condemned of the requirements and it's interesting and amazing to see the creativity when these teams come together and create what you see here. And I'll I'll I'll I'll out on this. That of the serious business it's all about ensuring the safety ever asked during crew but we're very proud to build this for the United States and really for the world. And in out you can actually see some of the aspects of our suit not only on Boeing dot com. With our FaceBook and 360 view but it. It actually goes the day in the life of the vehicle bear becoming an astronaut down in defeat street yet that commercial group approved think the Philly felt. You know if the serious business but the report this or that with the nation because about the human journey to Mars. Very very cool hey speaking at at human journey how are we our way are we from selling commercial tickets just two everyday Americans. Also in terms of its units and other paying passengers and then than Americans are let me make sure I get that right. Yet just you mentioned there was another see an extra seat on the star liner how far away air week. From everyday Americans who might have you know exceptional resource Isabel will hit them to be able to pay to travel two our reports are. That's that we have a great partnership with space adventures in that fifty correct so our first flight that went 188 Boeing astronaut in NASA astronaut once round. Flight number to you will have for NASA crew and including a pet a paying passenger if their raid a flier right so we believe at Boeing would look at that second flight and onward. That's where that this deacons and nations of the world people who are the one appliance based comply with us your ride is here. Bent though I think at the a live from the space symposium. In Colorado Springs, Colorado thanks the much for being with us. Think you're in a bag and asked one more thing yeah this. This is your American journey this is our space flight. Faring nation not only for the United States but for the world we're on the human during a war to Mars with rockets and spacecraft that are gonna redefine human spaceflight for a generation. My question everyone out there what will you do with everything we build today for the future that's why we're here. There recap trying to get the Ahab from Boeing thank you so much for your time. I think I'll have you majority at the arm ever you can always go to abcnews.com. For more and stick around here are going to be back in just a little bit with live coverage of president trumps joint press conference with King Abdullah of Jordan season.

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{"duration":"14:42","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to Boeing engineer about the new Starliner space capsule and new space suit design.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"46601874","title":"A look inside Boeing's new space capsule","url":"/Technology/video/inside-boeings-space-capsule-46601874"}