Inside Science’s key stories from August

INSIDE SCIENCE: Key science stories as identified by Inside Science from August 2019.
6:20 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Inside Science’s key stories from August
Inside science. Reading sign friends my name's Kelly Jennings and his crown and customer peaks making his company's. He's not taking on these on. And means. Every you know asking why on the border between buildings and epidemics. Millions of season. They're made of shall warm themselves through which hoped euro's. Com quite real cooking. Together they form a complex cells prejudices. Britain since the war are. Equally study lethal only murals. Researchers who are thinking more pardon so that south of life technique when a genetic. When they shoreline and my feet. Or might have been putting their war thinking and I'm looking to. All signs of feeling pain pain and they have come from those bonds. Police didn't break. And understanding. They're also asking that disarm south especially lines to since cleans it. Or. We will. You may be entities. Which sells and ain't talking inappropriately. Please if Pinkney. Ready. Because currently. And treatment of their general. In the case which it now with us and you. Particularly chemicals affect brain areas through stretches in New York percent. Now we heard about it for a while but this month. Didn't we. It GPO one ignorant. Tricky 19. Councils the pain relieving. I'm. Fox switched gee you know one half and completely unique and amazing. In that group wouldn't rule can mean. So far this is only be. Experiments which will shortly and sometime as to how pop invitations human to human. They fear currently appealing because of horrible parole if we can just yet they keep you'll want and we can take up anyway. There's a whole new route to recovery. And it's frustrating things about the infielder Danny can go from here. Is that doctors prescribe all more employees and patients. Need different fish float a study of patients with significant hospitals. They could reduce that by west. And still get this thing pain. Doctors over prescribing it just because her these crazy. An annual doctor prescribed you some completely unnecessary and obstacle associate. Speaking in another kidney while breaking just because they call one lying around. We could cut down it wouldn't even. We moral preening way to treat. One hour. Ten minute. In a virtual reality experience three times. You. Services managed decrease patients' pain at one point four points and ten point things. We understand more and more how off psychological state. Physical pain. We can exploit this new technology help with all its. And let's go away from human problems for a second. Is. Well. And trash like teenage pop and company building. A new report from the UN says climate change and agriculture threatening global food supply by turning them and death. We didn't point 010 to a hundred times department thinkers. If we want to keep eating food or we and then me from the and we need to weights and route me. We need to eat let me I net need to delicious. The arc. Thrift. And Simon and selfish and those were removed from keeping the economy. Which makes warm and funny and ha. Wohlers things make you don't. Because both are destroying things with. Human stress analyses for fishing and pollution shipping. Has doubled in the off decade has been O'Donnell again this decade according to none of her. Is going to need to pollution and ecosystem collapse and places an order like hypocrisy and age not remain. Notable. There is some hope we stick to the Paris agreement get a grip on an efficient won't help. If we don't do something. On hunter will become. House. Then please. Student assistants finished watched this video influence that. Cage is increasing equals in Yankee way space great things could pedal. It's. Maybe that's actually the sentence that George commuter. Which a Japanese spacecraft reached mafia if more opinions yet but this month. Percent of released new images showing two types of raw dock right. But brightens there. These two rock art evenly distributed crossed either getting less than two hours story. At some point to objects made different material impact. And the resulting rubble. Like you re accumulated and won't mean good. We don't we've been looking. That's it for me he enjoyed these stories you can lose more on the inside upside but he's so much for watching and see you next. In science and you in doing this. Follows on the planet social media. Howard guy and scared yeah. This collision of underwriters.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"INSIDE SCIENCE: Key science stories as identified by Inside Science from August 2019.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"65532217","title":"Inside Science’s key stories from August","url":"/Technology/video/inside-sciences-key-stories-august-65532217"}