Inside Science's key stories from July

The key science stories from July, as explained by Inside Science.
5:11 | 08/07/19

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Transcript for Inside Science's key stories from July
Inside science and I was signs for my name is Lee Jennings and here is a quick roundup of what's going on in the world of science. And we've got to get her so let's dictators but. The moon landing closer fifty years ago on the 28 of July 19 tonight humans restaurant and who them. I'm not gonna get into us because that's just two months into Google is going on so if you're interested a look at insights on to special edition on Wednesday. We've got. Old DP revision change. A former east wild. Tree its content from. You published this month. Calculated how much space aliens are pelting. Parts and using 78007. Engines and two polish competitors it. Fourth from across the world for searches will count how different environment affect the potential to treat they didn't find. To the whole world to see how much speakers who are asked. It's. When you exclude existing farms urban and agricultural areas they re still almost a billion hectares of trees. Area the UX removed from Littleton one winning entries. What's up around 25% of the problem are at her and intricate these recent weeks heightened because tests and general. I should do. It won't be. Result else two decade long and make it out throughout the American southwest spending huge sums of money O specials need to stop the west. And talk ice sheet melting and plotting New York. Losing or when Joshua trees in the Joshua Tree national park haven't lived appointment to head that tells people want to see. Just handful of studies published basement. How climate change blue route lines. It hot and ice plots which eggs. Anyway. Enough about parts themselves let's talk about what needs and a new study has looked at social relationships the good riddance in the jungles of the democratic republic home. The guerrillas out with Clinton finally upon which kind of mortgage news. That they orphan and now let's hear an extended. Aunts and uncles cousins but they also secretly and. And not much here but I'm really indifferent. To and human trying. There was no suggestion that different groups label Holbrook and sometimes. Festival Everett and we suddenly it's kind of a there's an element before in tune that wailed Britons and an office. But until it. We hold that humans we uniquely among the primaries. And now it looks like he's social structures and be ruled. Except. So much don't understand I think it's almost. Painful. I mean this month such as from the tree stump in the hearts of New England that's being so it makes me. As a the first self some school to some pollutants Asus science fiction. The would warrant would have. Please please read more in peace incites. We talked about hearth and Michael excellent again. Let's handle from the country. Room. Teen misfits and have created Max produced blew me off wing it often teach the can be assigned different world. Then went to work as a team than through an environment performed topple Apple's typical. Is that these robots actually in behind me specifically. Like jumping capability of jewel in front. Also still count on some machines in science to energy efficiency might orders of magnitude. Much of this month two months. Me she said. Anyway. It's amazing to think these robots can be released on parent or politics but when you products. But also ultimatum in total human race and ultimately to. It will be an excellent. On the group's us labeled. A team of us that he could onto officials say that can detect temperature pressure and objects. And another team of heat activated carbon nano don't you artificial. Onion and taking. Mean he's England robots the hornets vibrations from him. For reasons. On. And I'm saying it's all right now and we didn't get onto Kingston. Well our children with him and I guess this unit. I. Inside and I. You in doing this Wallace on the planet social media. How it and I leaned yeah. It is and it collision.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"The key science stories from July, as explained by Inside Science.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"64824191","title":"Inside Science's key stories from July","url":"/Technology/video/inside-sciences-key-stories-july-64824191"}