International Space Station Celebrates 15 Years of Occupancy

The first astronauts arrived at ISS 15 years ago today.
4:30 | 11/02/15

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Transcript for International Space Station Celebrates 15 Years of Occupancy
I happy anniversary it's Clayton send holiday BC news curious on earth a car that's fifteen years old shows its age in many ways I'm curious. About maintenance on the station how was the station holding up are you doing more maintenance. In as part of your day then then you would like. Well the last time I was here was. About five years ago for five years ago. And it doesn't seem to me like I'm doing any more maintenance on the space station and we did then so in and that was saying you know basically a third of the lifetime ago for for human occupation of the space station. I thought when I got onboard this time that material conditions of the space station was very good. But you know obviously as things age you know over time we're gonna have more maintenance requirements but. The other good news is we planned for that we have a lot of spare some board spare parts spare parts outside. We have you know plans for her change in those things and you know keep in. This space station flying a long time into the future. Hello this is Marcia Dunn of the Associated Press Scott for you and perhaps someone else. I'm what I remember about fifteen years ago today is some bill separating. Critical love than did thing go. Choosing the name alpha as the call sign in it it didn't stick I mean do you wish it had the you wish there was. A name for this fifteen year old. Human occupancy up there that could perhaps and get more people to lomb. Have grander name recognition. There are active I was around then and around a long time. You know when net was going on. I kinda thought felt like that is the space station should have a name that there was never anything we can we could agree on between all the international partners as I remember it. Now you know it's the space station to me and I think it's a great name. And I think he knows the name International Space Station really represents. What it is so and in some ways maybe it's better name then something like. I think you know Al flows what. Do what you mention in what we thought about call on a fact and that that didn't stick. Hi bill Harwood CBS news I just want to follow up a little bit on. On what you just said mark it's got a few minutes go to to a Marca wrote I'm trying to understand how to view the value of the station in terms of you know it was ostensibly built for science obviously but it's but just building it was a huge achievement internationally. How do you assess the relative ranks of you know of the reasons that went into the station which one is the is an exploration now that you see is the most important justification or is it some combination of all of those things that. That did justifies this of this enormous conflicts. He dole has for me personally I think it's it's hard to. But to say one is is more important as that and then the other you know we do a lot of science. Here. Juan here there going to be 400 different science experiments soliciting you know it's clearly a of orbiting laboratory world class orbiting laboratory at pets that. You know there's sea exploration. Goals in the things we need to understand. Living in lower earth orbit that will. You don't answer capability to to explore further out into the solar system. And then there's the international aspect and you know that is very important act kind of what you know is really. Held this partnership together I think through some. Very trying times post Columbia and you know with you know budget challenges and things like that I think the international partnership is is the kind of the glue that binds us. This program together so. I think for me personally it's is hard to weigh one over the other I think they're all very important and it's. You know this. I think we're very lucky to have the space station in this program meant to be able learn the things we're learning from it. Station this is used may CR that concludes you that they can. Thank you to all participants. Station we are now resuming operational audio communications.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The first astronauts arrived at ISS 15 years ago today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"34913930","title":"International Space Station Celebrates 15 Years of Occupancy","url":"/Technology/video/international-space-station-celebrates-15-years-occupancy-34913930"}