iOS 7: A Guide to the New Features

The seven things you need to know about using the new software.
3:32 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for iOS 7: A Guide to the New Features
Yeah. Yeah. Apple launched the iPhone back in 2007. The and it looks. Exactly the -- Sure the hardware is gotten -- the -- has gotten much faster and -- had that camera gotten better but soft. Well not so much that isn't until I west -- it. After six years apple has finally changed the design the software. I kinds colors and features and frankly it makes any iPhone look like a brand new high. It's going to be a big change for a lot of people which means a lot of question. Let's get started -- of the seven things you need to know about using Iowa -- Number one design the biggest change. Really is to the look and feel that they still actually worked in mostly the same way while there are those new icons and -- papers and new colors everywhere. Still the -- at the core your apps are on the home screen and your notification. In the -- at the top. Number two search. Here is where things have changed. He can't -- to the left anymore to get to your search bar. Instead you get a search by swiping on the home screen from the center -- number three control center swiping from the bottom of the screen brings up a new feature called control -- it gives you easy access to all the settings -- used to have to go digging for. Including wife by volume and screen brightness. And this is pretty handy actually -- the flashlight on right from here. Number for a multitask. See all your open apps by tapping twice and -- But now you can close those apps by swiping sports. Though apple it would be really nice to keep it at a little button for killing all Euro. -- -- Theory no they didn't get rid of this anarchy robot but they didn't make her a lot smarter and not even right -- collar around her because they also gave it a male voice. Cheering waving to your new voice. My mind. And homes. Theory you know what that place that you get lunch today -- myself. Right now. It's constantly -- thanks -- -- Number six this new apps. All of Apple's core apps have been remodeled that means email notes photos and camera they all look different. Photos -- in particular has some new -- photo organization tracks to organize your photos into different locations and times when they were taken. If you're wondering where the weather is it's now written out here and you just have to tap on it get to the newly designed whether. Also that read little bubble that tells you how many apps need to be updated can be completely killed off. Now apple hot -- your apps on its own and that is if you want to. Number seven -- -- made it easier to share your photos or files with other friends that -- iphones in the area. You can select air drop and then it Bluetooth or -- firing enabled you can drop anything to another person's phone. Well it's about time now -- don't have to go and download the software. Actually no really you should have if you don't really you're just using a phone from 2000 that in.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The seven things you need to know about using the new software. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"20295735","title":"iOS 7: A Guide to the New Features","url":"/Technology/video/ios-7-guide-features-20295735"}