iPad Air and iPad Mini With Retina Display First Look

ABC News' Joanna Stern gets an early look at Apple's latest tablets.
2:12 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for iPad Air and iPad Mini With Retina Display First Look
And oh yeah. Yeah. Incredibly. Exciting thing you're so many ways that it deserves. -- -- name. Don't worry Apple's tablet is still called the iPad but it's a new album is -- the iPad air. And it's exactly like they stated thinner and lighter faster. It's just like the MacBook -- The air will replace the other full sized -- patent. I don't think too many people will miss the other ones the air is just point 29 inches big and we is just a pound. It's actually incredibly deceiving when he picked -- up do you think because it's got this big screen it's going to be really heavy but it's actually really really light. It probably balances on one finger by Apple Valley -- It's that light eyes that light the tablet is also faster it has a new -- seven chips which means faster gaming and better multitasking. And like the iPad before in the -- air will start at fort 99 all -- new -- run IOS app which apple released last month. I have to say I was hoping to see a little bit more in terms of tablet features in the software -- there are new versions of -- and I work. But if you're looking for something smaller apple still got an iPad mini but this is got a new tricks -- -- -- -- a higher resolution Retina Display which is great looking at high resolution photos. Really nice looking web pages and also videos. The display is really Christian packs tons of pixels for -- size. Let the air also -- that -- 87 -- to speed everything up but -- you screen does cost more money iPad mini with the Retina Display will now start at 31990. Instead of the 329. Used to cost apple did drop the price of the non retina iPad two to 99. That's a good price but Google's nexus seven and Amazon's Kindle fire HD -- started to twenty -- And the big question for a lot of people that -- heat as they wanna go and cheaper tablet -- they want to go with an iPad and it's thinner lighter hasn't really high resolution screen. I guess a lot of people and kept going with one of meetings because of backing him I asked.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"ABC News' Joanna Stern gets an early look at Apple's latest tablets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"20652592","title":"iPad Air and iPad Mini With Retina Display First Look","url":"/Technology/video/ipad-air-ipad-mini-retina-display-20652592"}