Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after successful Blue Origin space flight

Bezos and his crew, which includes both the youngest and oldest people to ever go to space, landed safely back in Texas after the successful launch.
14:02 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after successful Blue Origin space flight
Everyone I'm Diana stayed or coming on the air after Amazon and blue origin founder Jeff pesos. And his crew's successful launch to the edge of space he here's another look at that history making moment. Here. Space everybody. Not feed. It's. Yeah you're okay. Then there are headed to space that's the whole trip tick about ten minutes they spent about three minutes then in that at the edge of space. And what an incredible journey that capsule that landed safely by parachute. Just speechless in so many ways former US air four. Forced pilot and ABC's pinch hitter John Nance is with me now. John what stood out to you as you watch this whole lions take place we watched them head over to the capsule we watch them walk up the stairs. We watch them getting ready ringing the download getting on board and then of course to take we can hear them and their excitement as they were there weightlessness in space. And then of course to watch them land safely walk out start popping bottles of champagne hugs I five's. What a moment as you're watching all that what stands out most to you. He routine nature. We've been able to achieve that you've been able to achieve little the ability to treat this is something helplessly give them. Like shuttle's original lawsuit Turkish skiers go where everyone album was really you know rubber dangerous maneuver bush. They knew what we're doing here you could she initialed the technology really quite amazing. Technology at Randall's rockets back when he's on exactly worldly walked them for reusable purposes as well as steep recoveries spacecraft can't quite frankly. The quarrels like something remarkable here is a huge earrings and being able to put big windows they're comfortable cease. I don't have corduroy. Not just just tourism. But bringing people to hear this place a little later on in the door. Had done he talked about the when as a member as a kid watching it of the shuttles take jobs in the wind though they look about this big but. This is all other volume reclining seats nice big view everybody had a windows scene not a bad way to travel chorus. If you can afford it which is that the big issue at that moment I want every astrophysicist. I key militia a into the conversation too because it came to. It looked like everything went very smoothly maybe even perfectly. Did you get the same impression. I. Absolutely did and in fact you know Katie called an out and that is it's more difficult for the people watching good for the people all the capsule they all seemed like they were doing just call the what do you see before you bookmark heartless poppy besides all the risk involved. Even though they made it look routine. Do and hopefully it will be routine you can't eliminate risk. Higher early Christ it's always really a game also tis exit numbers and doing the best that you can't and hopefully you can bring Biggs now you can debris errors down to zero. But this is been a great start right the summer of 20/20 one. For taking coasted to a new era of spaceflight the year started with a perseverance Lander on Mars and now. We are with civilian spaceflight because this didn't this is just amazing to me. And you mentioned Acadia I think we do have astronaut Cady Coleman with us let's Franchitti into the conversation to push kitty what I feel like. You're going up when this rocket you've got to let four's pressed against you an analyst sunny and you're completely wait list. It's like she's. Ensuring a different world. Where am I mean it's like being on a different planet because everything his chest so different you know as soon as and they assume is fact that rocket motor cut off. They were. Literally wait listen famed little things will start flooding here in the cabin that you just feel like. I've entered a different place and everything here is different than it makes you look I think with some new wise at each other that what you can do you heard that whooping and hollering in my face hurts from watching just watched and then. Hakim was fright that it's. It's really hard to watch especially of that the beginning you know where that their rocket motors still firing those first few minutes it's just he just. I find I feel like I have to be actually physically watching. Give me not a person in a screen and if you take your eyes off here's something might happen you just hope so much that everything goes right. But then when their options facing just listening to them I get here Wally his voice and Justin realizing that I mean this is a place that she saw herself this is a place that she knew she could be a person can make a contribution. And what a contribution this year has made it now even after all this time she it's that it's astonishing. We actually have a small SoundBite. Was that that moment we can hear them in space I want to play that Torre Katie. Did you look out the window already did god. Okay good. It this could. If you really year Wally is noise sticking out of a crowd there shouted as. And that and so and again for contacts one one of whom you know bring our viewers up to speed in case said he was just joining home. Wally funk as an 82 year old former astronaut who trained to go to space and that was told she could end. Purely because she was a woman but she went on to break barriers was the first female us AA inspector and so on and so what a moment. For her. TJ senate CNN and then the story is all about just based shows and his persistence in getting here but in many ways today as Wally funk stay Katie. Well it's heard today and it's you know it's there would be other women that trained with her. It's all the other women around the country and that and the world that could've done that this well. And I stayed down to the training they they basically trained for the testing. And they tested they did the same tests as the Mercury seven they did these days thirteen women did as well or better on those tasks. And then invest news program declines to include women. Never really on of course I'm gonna say wait too long but these women are all so different and I think she brings everyone of them with her. And she brings us with her two. Everyone and has a dream that thinks that they belong someplace and could contribute and if they only persist and make sure that they stay ready. And look at Wally funk cooker she did today she stayed ready she had a dream and she went to space for all of us. And what a moment to see the oldest person ever go to space well it's not engage you and then the youngest. Oliver Damon at just eighteen years old that a little bit ironic I think we might have the footage of them popping bottles. After they safely got off that capsule but. Ironic to see them on showering everybody in Champaign huge celebration understandably. And their youngest passengers so young actually legally can't drink it Jun. What are some pretty. He darted up the eighteen year old last year and carried hundreds of the other champagne yes that's probably true that. And have you know we can be huge even drink that Champaign there's celebrating with you know what do you think about having someone. That young go up today and all the people watching you know we were kids we used to watch this in any dream that you never think. I could actually do this in the near future. Well I think that's part of that is EC. Extension of possibility here. The fact that now anybody on the planet has the potential plus some day to be able to get at this stage. Especially in eighteen year old me that we've got a tremendous future cash by the way the next level here and this is not to take anything away from this group is quite a while still mostly young virgin galactic wash and they are and actually telling literally years on the road probably has people going in to import brutal situation we're going to be up there for several days may be mountain to some sort of radio show us PlayStation rather than the one we've got right now Childers and others here. But does he my song I think the inclusion of that eighteen year old personal it was a record brilliant this burgeoning Asian Hughes and secondly I think you use a lot of people a lot of renewed hope. Those of us who -- few years on the road the possibility of going only us tomorrow for many many years ago and decided not to. Basically you can lose it it was going to be a very long road. And I'll let ru news I don't want and that's an important point. And Hakeem as an astrophysicist. Thinking about all this science and technology everything that went into making this happened what did you think. Watching his pilotless. Lunch you know the only people on board this spacecraft where the passengers. That was that's pretty remarkable that is an autonomous vehicle better delivery people to space and it wasn't lost on B that once that capsule separates. It also looks a lot like Doctor Who sonic screwdriver sold maybe that's why things whistle smoothly. That analysis. Katie what's the broader impact do you think of this flight particularly. Given the way it was conducted. Hello this flights you know plus a virgin galactic that flights coming up in the fall with space sacks. With time you know four people for different. Very different people but not professional astronauts going to space and staying for a few days. Every one of these commanders that it's not a competition. It's about the fact that every one of ace brings people from earth to space in different ways. And I think of I think of a whole affair. You know a day at the age of eighteen and he's gonna see that the world in a different way than you know for the rest of his life he can't unseat. What just happened and yet but more importantly father eighteen year old young people are gonna realize that it's non chest people that. Look like the other three people and I capsule it is people that look like them people that feel like them that are gonna get to go to space. And it makes it more real I think it makes them realize they had better be Freddie. And it and it can applying themselves in school really counts and there's just something compelling in magical. About spaceflight. And I think when you see real people doing it. He realized that if the real people can do that then you yourself as a real person can do anything as well. Qi met we seem as so many advances in space lately and obviously Branson. His lines now we've got with virgin galactic now we have jet bases and a blue origin launch SpaceX. I mean landing a rocket seemed to. Written just incredible and but ended the exploration on Mars you name it so what is the next step. In all of this both space travel fur referred you know humans to go but also to space exploration in general. Well what's stands out to me about this process is just the creativity. That's involved all of these three new companies SpaceX. Virgin galactic blue origins they're all taken very different approaches. Now wasn't paying that this could mean is that things look very different boards of control to have space hotels or to have high altitude Ballou but perhaps basal till we talk about access to space from a research perspective we have formal global orbital platforms like aside only rocket like we've seen here or high altitude balloon that we have orbital systems that we have so little -- -- and you know if you look at our science fiction that is what expresses our aspirations we're ready to go Obey god we wanna have sprigs to -- it into our own solar system let's go visit Saturday at titans and people actually I've been planting -- Joseph Wilson a former astronaut lives something called the hundred year starship all project. Did by DARPA and that project investigated sending people to another star system so we have aspirations to basically be called Star Trek at what we're look at that now are these step by step up. Just going about it systematically. And leasing to the human potential it's what I think this private companies are doing. Well that all sounds awesome but I saw the Disney movie and no thank you on the balloon hotel Hickey. The former NASA astronaut Cady Coleman astrophysicist at key militia AE and former US air force pilot John and thank you all so much you're now houses today. And it helps has put the pieces together on what is. An incredible sight for us observed that certainly is so much more meaningful we get to understand it during your lenses so thanks again. Thank you. And that does it for this newscast I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us senate remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern until then enjoy the rest of the morning.

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{"duration":"14:02","description":"Bezos and his crew, which includes both the youngest and oldest people to ever go to space, landed safely back in Texas after the successful launch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"78946229","title":"Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after successful Blue Origin space flight ","url":"/Technology/video/jeff-bezos-returns-earth-successful-blue-origin-space-78946229"}