Kelly Twins Talk Latest Space Mission

After Scott Kelly spends a year in space, scientists will compare his body to his Earth-bound brother Mark.
1:25 | 02/24/16

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When your kids are her parents wouldn't tell us who was older. So wasn't so early probably somewhere between thirteen and fifteen and they finally told us that he was six minutes and we are still good friends except for. Earnings of one try to jump through an attorney and I was yelling out hey he should try to jump from the roof into that victory at. For the first time ever on this vehicle a pair of crew members is going to space for a year well they're certainly you know physical aspects. The space for. Anyway. I'm really happy to be a part of not only this the science between my brother and I in this twin study. Also although one year signs the I would say it's a privilege. To do this do this job a year. Is a really long time by doing this experiment. My brother and I because yard genetically. Almost identical and hopefully we can learn some things about how this environment radiation environment like gravity environment affects us. On any kind of genetic level this should be great science or you know the space program for countries that we need to figure route. How people are gonna live in states really long periods of time. Have a great day and so long from the International Space Station.

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{"id":37171373,"title":"Kelly Twins Talk Latest Space Mission","duration":"1:25","description":"After Scott Kelly spends a year in space, scientists will compare his body to his Earth-bound brother Mark.","url":"/Technology/video/kelly-twins-talk-latest-space-mission-37171373","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}