LumoBack Review: Can a Gadget Save Your Posture?

Can a belt that vibrates every time you slouch replace your nagging mom?
2:05 | 08/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LumoBack Review: Can a Gadget Save Your Posture?
Yeah. Yeah. Use -- commute -- center stripped. Yes I hear about a lot and that's because they fit like miss a lot but it -- -- come out of Kabul -- back. And it's hoping to replace an acting on the belt that vibrates when you -- But the big question is do you want to -- -- 150 dollars for about that constantly nagging you. The fact has small sensors inside including an -- -- -- that are just like in the Smartphone. It's just as when you aren't sitting up right and -- twice during -- slouch. First at forced seconds and then again at eleven seconds. When -- with your phone you can actually see a little stick figure yourself and your positions are right now I'm slouching and leaning back and so it's aren't an unhappy. But when I coming to a good -- position it's green and happy. I guess it tracks your posture over time to give you a posture -- We'll tell you the amount of time you receiving any street position -- amount of time viewers routes to -- -- -- tell you how many times -- stood up. And part of the company's mission to get you to stand up and move more. And similar to other fitness gadgets out there it can track the number of steps he's taken can also -- your sleep. This is the goal is to get used to eating better because bad posture is -- down. Bad for you and your backs but unless you really want to fix your posture -- -- didn't get a little -- -- only. Especially since it isn't exactly the most comfortable to Wear around their -- And figuring out what to -- -- here with the bow is always a little bit awkward and yes it does accurately. -- back definitely worked as a gadget it bothers you every time flat. Every time that. Will be honored -- -- -- someone. Charlotte and act to see who wish.

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{"id":20106457,"title":"LumoBack Review: Can a Gadget Save Your Posture? ","duration":"2:05","description":"Can a belt that vibrates every time you slouch replace your nagging mom? ","url":"/Technology/video/lumoback-review-gadget-save-posture-20106457","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}