Microsoft's 'XBOX ONE' Sales Exceed 1 Million

Microsoft breaks sales record with "XBOX ONE."
0:53 | 11/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Microsoft's 'XBOX ONE' Sales Exceed 1 Million
Today's tech -- the big weekend for Microsoft selling more than one million Xbox once in its first 24 hours making it the largest launch in Xbox history. AT&T sprint and T-Mobile have stocks charging customers for spam -- these include weather alerts daily jokes and horoscopes. Apple has begin selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 5 asked the new devices. Which come without sim card to the starting price of 649. Dollars they are compatible but carries -- use GSM networks including AT&T and T-Mobile. And there's a new way to watch parades on TV being pioneered by air station in Philadelphia it is in new augmented reality app called virtual view. Users who hold their mobile devices up to break coverage we'll receive additional the -- contents. Virtual view debuts this week and those are your tax -- on -- Hernandez have a great Monday.

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{"id":21009258,"title":"Microsoft's 'XBOX ONE' Sales Exceed 1 Million","duration":"0:53","description":"Microsoft breaks sales record with \"XBOX ONE.\"","url":"/Technology/video/microsofts-xbox-sales-exceed-million-21009258","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}