T-Mobile Provides Roaming Service in Cuba

The wireless provider now offers data roaming while traveling in Cuba.
0:53 | 05/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for T-Mobile Provides Roaming Service in Cuba
In today's tech sites and other wireless company is heading to Cuba T-Mobile will now provide services are they island the agreement includes Cuba calls to Cuban man lines. And wireless numbers under its stateside international talk options. Both Verizon and sprint made similar arrangements last year. At periscope is rolling out some new features a threat the first time the live video streaming apple allow you to connect your phone to the drone remote for a bird's eye view. And Paris Goebel automatically say broadcast beyond 24 hours. And as soon be able to play to the most popular video games ever. At the same time. Super Mario is joining mind craft that mean suburban area characters could be breaking in placing blocks in the game. You can download the mine craft match up a week from today and it's available for re you. Next month but we'll have the music it's got to move on to those your tech bite didn't do you can do didn't do.

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{"duration":"0:53","description":"The wireless provider now offers data roaming while traveling in Cuba.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"39001721","title":"T-Mobile Provides Roaming Service in Cuba","url":"/Technology/video/mobile-roaming-service-cuba-39001721"}