NASA Celebrates 50 Years Since First Spacewalk

Edward White became the first American to complete a spacewalk on June 3, 1965.
7:52 | 06/03/15

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Transcript for NASA Celebrates 50 Years Since First Spacewalk
Or. And historic milestone fifty years ago that made NASA proud astronaut Ed White. First American to boldly stepped out of an aircraft and walk in space attached just buying eight foot line. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in new York and Gemini nine mission opening a new door and a new way for astronauts to explore space. And we want to bring in professor David Alexander director of rice university's space institute thank you so much for joining us. We're out of places to be. Again it's it's great to see that footage from the space walk back in 196540. Years before man stepped on the moon how big of a moment was that. Well as trader pretty important arm that kind of set the stage for the US suit to overcome the Russian armaments and this. Up until they Jenna and four flight beyond the State's slow Russians adult birds are man's greatest wrestler ministers. Trustees. Opted yemenite for. Receive US street Marshall written. What can you tell us about astronauts and why it's twenty minutes on that space walk and apparently he had to the ordered back in the spacecraft. Yeah ordinarily okay so not so astronauts captured yet to make sure that the deficit or to push one of the great issues was rigged it was a satellite communications and those days of course. So and they didn't look relied heavily on her directly onto Houston inside this is the first mission control of the better control center here in Houston. And they were awarded about evocative of when those communication as it S spacecraft trouble at the line of sight so I do you want to get me in before options to keep keep control mission. You know thinking back fifty years ago. What would their hopes it's for speech locks these were not state of the art yet they weren't there at fairly productive. I in the early stages but what were they hoping for an have we accomplished. Those goals. Well I think that's I think ordinary heroes to us to different parts in the sixties across worn what is the technological. Competition with that are with the Soviets at the time and sold out as a major factor but remember this terror present candidate already thru the US track. To the minute. And so this CDs oath oath. Experiments if you might work to develop capabilities. To achieve their articles will be able to supply route all the confines spacecraft residence or worse horses and arm. Was it was incredibly important Russians has already done a few months before. Of those issues without that we contender until we are. And so that is so it is important to you risks and it goes short steps and developed. So I think it is basis you know spaces are expected when they need space craft. In their own right there in those days in Billy Cole told us for our students used extra zero but it was it was important for us. And what and what did we learn from that step whether any problems that became. Evidence things that needed to be six dirt worked on and proved. Well is there aren't things can go Guerrero only anytime you're aiming for I think overall success it was delicious. Hatched. Because it never to open hatch in space before and are humans this is and so those concerned Tom they've made it close. And that's and it Newton's got a Lieberman beaches you can do reentry. Turned to open and so the the innuendo or they can intricacies. Of what it recorder. The umbilical Turco warm darkness as it were trying to bring our. Communications acutely could communicate with Houston and this is Jimmy that it was commander in that it would in my four council. Couldn't communicate with Houston and egg white. You must know had to do one or the other. Can lead to developments and communications into the balances you systems owns. And whole process procedures. This is very warm air weekdays or what people are really don't rush is onslaught that Iran telling us about lawlessness is million nutritionist and sports that. Nicholas was must lose and go home the troops home from students. The based on your response when asked you what the goal was for the space blocked fifty years ago it seems as if something like the International Space Station wasn't even really in the line of thinking of NASA the timer in the realm of possibility. We've done that where the space fox take us in the future border what are some of the goals that were still looking at in terms of the technology of the spacewalk. What key the key thing for serious loss numbers and campuses is remembered as it takes us that is incite our champs were shot to. It takes a lot of campuses are gorgeous and and that he's on our campus is charged welcomes us from our I know our planet console development at the spaces has been going on to meet the more. Why also. Should and eventually walk Portland morals. Susan and so. That development of this technologies. Awarded T it was different purposes. Limits yields more lightly. To use the astronauts a lot attitude. Understand. This is working in the engineering as older. We need the actual arsenal torch salutes this this is being developed this news east's Z see things coming our. Around us is there continue to be more to purposes and different. Different aspects one of the issues were walking seat on morals costs. And so this is Lucas is being attached are too shall see don't in this is an incline. All the land or. The station. While and is the the arms this all seem arms. Nokia. Connection doubts is yes at least your door into the seats and bring to us are you out Russell's law so things going on. I am asking students loss. In a talk about some of these challenges it gives me chills to think as a person brave enough. To be the first to try something new that had never been done before how devoted was Ed White to the space program what more can you tell about him. Well the I think those garrison and community in or pirates or orchards near forced were. Goal a prelude to courage and I think it weight was on the bill. One of the cheaper people for arm your view unfortunately probably know. You are possibly in the all the ones fire they're actually launched seem. We'll start source emergent chief Cecil. Judy sliced to the calls. Bob he was born here in Texas. Aaron what was interesting and disarmed are you today it was that you almost eight United States. Olympic teams for the 400 meter hurdles and console this is our can all over an American hero. And unfortunately it's like this shorten. That service in the machine. Diesel. Looks wonderful to remember that today and think of how far we've come. Professor David Alexander of Rice University donor thank you so much for joining us. And he can keep up with the story in real time I download Amy ABC news apt. And starring the story for exclusive updates on the got compact Hernandez in New York.

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