NASA sends rover to look for ‘ancient life’ on Mars

The most advanced “Perseverance” rover was launched into space Thursday.
5:06 | 07/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA sends rover to look for ‘ancient life’ on Mars
Seven 6554. Engine ignition. Good job. As the countdown to Mars continues. The perseverance of humanity wanting the next generation of robotic explorers to the red planet. And Ellis do you have gone above the control. Coming up on thirty seconds and played Garrity when Nady is throttling down as expected. Pensioners public good. A 105 you know. Sony. I have passing 45 seconds and the plated vehicles still passing through next few maximum dynamic pressure. And passing one minute in the play the RD 180 is throttling back up as expected instant response looks good. At this time and place the F Serbia chamber pressures remain nominal and the party won eighty pump speed and fuel injected pressures are responding well to demands on the engine. Standing by for F. Kirby burn out shortly. And we have burnout on all four of Serbia's burn up pressure signatures were good standing by for us Serbia junction shortly. And we have good indication of Serbia does from the ball for a Serbian. And vehicles gone too close loop Guidant. Vehicle moderates are responding normally at this time. And coming up on two and a half minutes of the flight. Purity when idiot funnel down slightly expected and in response continue to look at. At this time the vehicle is fifty miles in altitude. 85 miles down range traveling at 6000 miles per hour. In the Qatar reaction control system is now pressure rising to flight level. And just got three minutes and deflate the dirty when eightieth now throttling to maintain a constant two and have to acceleration limit for Palin turned doubled from. Engine response and vehicle acceleration look at. And we have good indication of payload fairing did assume and Qatar forward forward load reactor director of the from. And the 3180 throttled back its throttling back up to attain a four point sixty acceleration. And in response continue to look good. And Qatar has become a boost phase kill them frequent spoke normally condition they are all Kemper operation. Standing by for biko shortly. We do is. Because the call for booster engine and we have ego booster engine cut off. Standing by for stage separation. And we have good indication about what some terse operational. It's leasing live footage and we have about one. Are often operating parameters what. But. Chamber pressures are stable.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"The most advanced “Perseverance” rover was launched into space Thursday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"72073522","title":"NASA sends rover to look for ‘ancient life’ on Mars","url":"/Technology/video/nasa-sends-rover-ancient-life-mars-72073522"}