NASA's Perseverance rover tweets 1st photo of Mars

Cady Coleman discusses the instruments, cameras and technology of the Mars rover.
2:29 | 02/18/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA's Perseverance rover tweets 1st photo of Mars
Even it is to lines when he want and what are you do at the end of a long trip when you arrive at your destination. You it's free. And that is what perseverance. Has done to me at Hello World my first look at my for ever home doctor Katie Coleman. What will the rover they called Percy be doing in her new digs. Inner and imports into him to do what should get up to actually to spruce up what she's got a lot of. Exciting. Instruments on board to be able to really understand where she is which is basically in the middle of are out of a big lake or river jumped in the air and then all this sediment winning parents aware it going to be able to look at in that sentiment you know was there any. Microbial life. Trapped in there so we've got all these instruments and their really fun it's almost like laser tag on Mars where you can and one of them you can actually is a laser at the size of a human hair. And shoot at a Brock explode Iraq. Look if the image and understand what elements are present. So that's just one of the ways to cut cameras on board the mast cam which stands up really tall. Has for the very first time on Mars zoo mobile cameras we've always just had like a widening gulf and then resumed. And now be that we have warns that consume together. We can actually make stereo vision on Mars it's good for the rover firm when it sees its robotic arm wants to know. And it's also great for cost to understand the terrain and actually get to go on a trip there I think can really feel like for there. I wanna know more about these cameras let's go to Ngo but he says that he's at JP out what what do we know about the cameras that are. Fine at this rover. Well you know what Eva first off I wanted to go out and tell you that I'm over at though Wally camp MacCulloch along like them for the appellate full equality right. Up so I just want to show you because there's a very specific reason. Why ya this image was so low rents the one that we've been seeing there. Because if you take a look right here we have this camera zoom in here she could see this is where that images it's coming from these cameras there's another Cameron the back and these are called. He has cans these are the. Hazard cameras the very specific purpose is to make sure that this landed safely in that they could see what that whatever it is. That they could see right there at that particular spot. Very very quickly and that's why it's a low resident so it's very very important. To get that so quickly but now over the next few hours and days we will start getting more images in color. Up from the other cameras again 23 cameras on board the rover right now. So we're gonna see better picture he's Deutzman.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Cady Coleman discusses the instruments, cameras and technology of the Mars rover.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"75982036","title":"NASA's Perseverance rover tweets 1st photo of Mars","url":"/Technology/video/nasas-perseverance-rover-tweets-1st-photo-mars-75982036"}