Nintendo Wii U Video Review

Is Nintendo's latest gaming system a must-have Christmas gift?
3:00 | 11/17/12

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Transcript for Nintendo Wii U Video Review
And yeah. We're -- Yeah. Ship right -- then I want. My guess that you might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why do you say. OK clearly I'm not this guy's mom but we knew it is really here and it -- a lot of high expectations. Opponent diving into this crazy tablet like controller with take a look at this back. New console which hooks up to your TV offers a 1080. That means fully realize marry -- -- with greater detail and more impressive art. We -- upgrading graphical capabilities are finally allowing Xbox and yes it's people like call of duty black ops to. Be released on the system. Intended even welcomed back hardcore gamers an additional -- controller. That may look familiar with the Xbox and fifty. The downside fat controller has actually come with them -- -- Dollars. The -- mom the best part in the pro controller -- the game and that's the part that's gonna make or break -- Aren't you get the console and game -- or that tablet looking controller to controller is unlike any other you've seen before with the front facing camera finger and stylus -- dual analog. You had its weekend flights -- -- is a little bit -- couples still it's terrible enough to avoid much damage -- in the hands of injuries. Probably most games that actually required to use the tax but some -- you can agree with it for instance in New Castle in the -- Atlanta this lightning starts at your money. But this serves another purpose -- it happened -- from -- it until the end of the round and book on the screen -- about it would be. Unfortunately though all that technology causes the battery die just a few hours. What I understand why there's just one game pack and I ever had and they don't put out of control in the box. Me -- you. Well there are no games right now that even support to -- patsy you. Think it is easement of implants they're calling it -- one person has control I have a map here and and -- controlling two characters while. I'm up against everyone -- -- -- a puppet master I don't like. In monopoly. The banker when you're playing tag is one person is that it seen everyone else they -- like. It basically swimming party hat at me you have -- controllers and you can still use the games. But they think about some new games are there any gains you really wish -- Also doesn't -- with news of my Brothers -- -- but everyone -- happen. Flagship series and it's -- -- for the first time. Zombie who is also releasing a November 18 what -- intervene sniper rifles nine golf swing a controller only at act killed. And then -- any party though you probably shouldn't -- out. Overall we really like that we you like the new -- and controller and improved graphics but for 300 dollars -- which it did come with an extra controller and that there were some more games that would take advantage silence. But -- this little guy seems pretty happy with it which means that come Christmas morning they're gonna the F however a lot of -- Thanks -- mom. --

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{"id":17749875,"title":"Nintendo Wii U Video Review","duration":"3:00","description":"Is Nintendo's latest gaming system a must-have Christmas gift? ","url":"/Technology/video/nintendo-wii-video-review-17749875","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}