‘Offense is outpacing defense’ on hacking threats, expert says

Silverado Policy Accelerator Chairman Dmitri Alperovitch discusses the role of the U.S. government and private companies in defending against ransomware attacks.
3:27 | 06/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Offense is outpacing defense’ on hacking threats, expert says
Joining us now is Dmitri all Perovic the co-founder of crowd strike in the current chairman of Silverado policy accelerator thank you so much for your time tonight. Thank you. On the heels of this warning from the White House tonight for businesses to take cyber threats seriously and increase their defense is does the government have a responsibility to do more in order to help companies beyond just issuing a warning. I think the government has a responsibility is to make sure that we have some deterrence in this field we make sure that these criminals operate from safe havens and countries like Russia. Can no longer do you gotta actively. But the reality is that from when it comes to defense of private sector is really not solve the government does not have the authority to defend the private sector and private sector really that's the defendants are. And what's your advice to CEOs whose companies like a vulnerable to these Branson where attacks. They have to start thinking about cyber as a critical business risk if the last few months of not. Told you that big business can go down you lose hundreds of millions of dollars from that down time and impact to customers. You really you really need to to look again at the news headlines the colonial hack supports the recent meat processing tax. And what they need to do is assume that their company's going to be infiltrate or. The reality is that with a sophisticated threat actors we face criminal groups nation states. They'll find a way inside of the now park when he can do is you need to assume that they'll get and but you need to find them faster than they can accomplish the objective encrypted data take on your network and kick them out that's where the battle really is inside a now or. I find them quickly and it Jack and is situation racing at its worst paying a ransom. I think actually there are situations like that when you business isn't. Existential danger. When you have white threatening impact hospitals for example candy surgeries and their patients. Sometimes you may have no choice. As disgusting as it has you to pay money to these criminals but to pay eight but you obviously have to exhaust all the other options before you jump routes out. It crown trek of course helps companies protect against vulnerabilities but great companies like crowd strike overmatched when dealing with hackers out of Russia China our state hacking operations like North Korea. I think that this is a very talented problem and the reality is that offense is outpacing the band's. These guys are getting much much better the criminal actors well as a nation states. By that date and it takes a lot of effort and it's not just technology takes keep politics process changes to really combat the threat and needs to start assuming that they'll get end. They'll be able to find someone with a new company will look on Alain. They'll open up an attachment that they shouldn't have and now open up the door for these guys to get in your network to do damaged by that doesn't mean it's over. Find them and inject them before they do. It we seem to find out about a different hacked just about every day now is a pipeline and beef than New York's transit system it seems clear companies are very vulnerable across all industries in your mind what's the solution. I think the solution is that we need to start raising the terms we need to make sure that there's a real costs. It eskimo roots of these nations states for perpetrating these attacks. And so far they've incurred virtually no cost. And factor in countries like Russia and others where they've been able to operate with impunity. It despite the fact that that we know where they are we we've provided information about them through Russian law enforcement. And nothing has been done to rest. To meet yelled hello rich we thank you so much for your time in your insight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Silverado Policy Accelerator Chairman Dmitri Alperovitch discusses the role of the U.S. government and private companies in defending against ransomware attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"78076837","title":"‘Offense is outpacing defense’ on hacking threats, expert says","url":"/Technology/video/offense-outpacing-defense-hacking-threats-expert-78076837"}