Preview Nintendo's newest games at E3

Nintendo says "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" will feature every fighter ever from the franchise.
12:12 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for Preview Nintendo's newest games at E3
Hey everyone I'm looking at. LB has. Rob water it can see any out here they're intended tree I think that's for joining me of course. So there's a lot of new stuff coming out on it and display ads. What is there to share it. Which well the biggest and ask me added it was a chance to bring super smash Brothers ultimate. Which is the first every now and asked me to gain and even announce a new fighter. It's the compilation of the every single player in the entire franchise will be in the game was over thirty different franchises overseas byters she's so that's what's called the ultimate. Idle since the oil to collection people have a chance they altered fighters and L work in different ways and home everybody competitively here on the players at once. I have only eight players at the crime yes to it was a ones and at the other games Hubert Annie gets you actually haven't played each had ever beaten the real winner is. And hang mentioning something else as well. My tennis aces that's the other games that we have on the war as well that's about next week on June 20 seconds. Great game hold huge arsenal lose to always playing with your friends on reliable wireless. And then we also have a nice tutorial on edge about intelligence miers or evening. I legendary. Football plant. So the football pluses in new accessory for on let's go let's go and what you continues you can actually use this control. Or you can actually political one consulate to it would. Around get deployed but it didn't experience as a walking around you always need a cheeky little sound effects from inside of it like some ways like him. Well we're gonna let them get started it. And when. You guys tackled Eaton and he would about it my rent it on secret past others olds mentally. My experience that. Holly robbed and higher on it explaining. Would this hurt the gaming people complain this game for at least six people at a 1060 fourths and I was a kid that was Weaver's. Change the game it's held actually in it which is about to happen they're picking their characters now that's ready if I eat. And now we're down way. They liberty fighting with a lot of contenders which has the plate and pretty quickly classic character but Iverson. Like god and that night skiing hear. The one candidate is well if that. We didn't have all the original characters rob you're kind of telling me they're going to be coming out eventually. Yes so every character in the franchise ever will in this time. Now you're listening to keep up so it takes on it I didn't really. So she will be in the poll released for the demo purposes we only have a selection fair and that got Mike registered. I absolutely loved her. And paint it yellow here is your. Notes you usually seen as I got connected in any inkling. Which is a new character in the game from switching. Holds all. Oatmeal it's faster all of it more aggression. Oliver award for being aggressive in the game. Again it all the characters but every kid has little bit speaks in new limit how they play. Zoellick streets it's likely criticism they brought in link from the wild which is the new gimmick amounts which assesses the state freedom playing on from that. We got treats reacts he certainly seeing a different kinds of bombs they're actually promote detonated incident in the previous game they were capable point contacts. But eating out to you about this game for you rob that would an average. Boot different from the original there's a lot of things one of them is just a variety of air actors as any mention other changes they've made. And they always do some sort of tweak to the characters whether it's damaged them. Some pain to make it unique and fun zone that is one things. Had to hide I don't know it's got to think let's not Smart and. We could you only could he supplant funds it anyway. Just crazy but look we think it an excellent. On its high of not an act hard line. On the aunts and we'll let them get that against you. He. Ends up at public. No he sent NIC another game we also announced receive a Super Mario party which is back yet. NBA be brought back Super Mario party this thing back but it's going back live more to its original form were considered the most recent version you've moved together as a group. Now you're the individually. So it's more that forty streaking that we anywhere you want to you. And other whooping it up logging mini games claim they Gail kind of on the goes into what one person Uygur were free for all GB to one B three all it's in there. And you you're moving out pizza to care for as a regular nice block which is one to six. If you stick and has a special nice one so like for the browser might be for example to Geico gets you you'll certainly he gets coins or he moves or don't target. Zeros are Catholic risk reward kind of things you got special guys one. So the odds one. I am I'm a huge Mario party into assembly outfit an executive really size rumored party coming out. Get it she's you can't yeah. Mario and EG. Getting into the camp would you like this. At the end the match. You know Yoshi that we and it's. Atlanta it didn't have TV pony. Gloria and her warrior your work done. That hotline one of his great great American like development happening now that they in the arias. And and. Then so this game has a deep arsenal so markets and has always been. Fund subsequent Lego rock scissors. To a certain degree the backs of criminal law course Illinois that's one. Which trick shots zone shots zone speed also demanding trying to catering. Hall at this time. We'll find out actually Eddie. I. We bell find out wealthy. Which today and we're playing with the controllers right now which is the main what's the name we play electric shock that you can differently. But also to tuxedo swing mode option which you can play with emotion eulogies well. I think it is right now this guilty they would genes when he second. And names national super smash Brothers or simply available on December 7. Quote the Pokemon game unit before put him on let's go to a school ED November 16. Well to do it on the accident. But about. Mario party is. October 5. Eight. But significant deductible or could she be an out but of them August that it is a multiplayer game we got here working in the kitchen. I think a lot of people watch that they're going to be thinking wow these guys have my dream job you know just playing videogames all. Tough job it's a tough job sometimes they're actually are meetings and things to do but of ability to do you play a lot of video games. People come in and let them know. I have been an employee for these almost five years and. I. Eat is yes and I've been here for almost like I did and. Ten years as a on the I ten years as accede to like it. Isn't really vibrant worries me it says can also pretty. Click aids the characters and maybe very vividly. And an even when you're taking shots but it's a real test like you see that red were based using its top cops didn't receive blue were using slice. And I to use BC purple exports up flat shot got past him PowerShot. They've had now we can't we right now what went out we're. Martino rotted I don't advocate and Madonna had little. Playing one Atmel where dean let's show people but that's Monday on issues. But it's so please. We'll look at least he's seen me work together. And Steve Goldstein the world content they're home mysterious attack sort but space you're cooking skills to get to work the team. Like what ingredients prepared ingredients of ingredients put them together correctly and then service. Working together in the span of one art style. The other kind of survive if. I think about the EP and they did it without much if there are different every to have of them but don't you later you. They haven't been okay. Kidd uphold the nightclub his throat and that would put them as well. Okay that's when it came here is you all of them yes. What region. Republican. People loved kids they love the chaos erupted want to experience mrs. brand New England player one. They looked at Wofford experienced. But the controls being barriers. You pick up with your Avon. Pick up with an AM so you also can drop with the same thing. Prescient when you shop. Let. You think have been pop up he added giving it again. A lot of favorite holidays to you having fun and anything off. Yeah really colorful. Solid vocal would on the play on the experiences yet but the boy but just like introverted it is there any sort of you know your we're orders up here on the upper left. And so you're gonna have to do we have to make physicians to get. We're gonna species is T. In the top sixteen boards or perform oil the rights OK it's our first quarter will be able to hear about them. If that we have. Seen. And read more at a legitimate. Movement that I'll. Public apathy needlessly and it got a gun industry in the this is way okay got it. But. That and getting hot it's hot and and I have this month. I stopped and oh there. Glad it got the fish. You people would. Mine a light and hope we don't have gotten it together ago. But thanks on the eve and the play him they. Yeah yeah yeah. God and other ordinance Demi Moore fish. We also have people coming into the restaurant her summaries. We're actually gonna have to avoid these people were coming across the record your kitchen. Creel seeing building right here at its high. Yes that's yet Evelyn anti tank to can paint the teachers keep changing news different things that affect the U Keane broke who now is the second one. He broke with each other to help pass over and it gets we're challenge to get for their end of the game. An evening at think I'll eat and I think that. Felt right there. Thank you so much for being the spark overall although like guests that we tied it kind of yeah I guess know he's there robber was there robbing. Wanna get that I as. People aren't buying it there are forgetting about it and that. Under Israeli enemy a chance to play here but we do that Bob Kokomo let's go to teacher lets the Levy which has that new. You peripheral which is the book people on the well the ball plus they keep this hypothetical planet rate. On this neighborhood he talked four but we begin that you definitely got yourself later on as most. People think you are watching.

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