Redesigned iPad expected in 2018

Apple's new high-end tablet will include iPhone X features like slimmer design and facial recognition.
0:50 | 11/09/17

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Transcript for Redesigned iPad expected in 2018
And today's second lights of the future of Apple's iPad tablets new high end version will incorporate iPhone in ten features like slimmer edges. And facial recognition according to a Bloomberg News report. It also have no home button it's expected to be unveiled next year. And apple fans can soon get a closer look at the company's massive new campus the visitor center at apple park opens a week from tomorrow the space ship. Is a two point eight million square foot building the visitor center will have a retail store in Apple's first ever public cafe. And this real life Iron Man. They just set a new world record for the fastest speed ever hit in the jets is well flyer at a park in England he hit 32 miles per hour. The high tech suit is being considered for use by the military. And Hollywood has lots of people are interested in this I gotta say it looks pretty cool. Those are your check by have a great day.

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{"id":51035104,"title":"Redesigned iPad expected in 2018","duration":"0:50","description":"Apple's new high-end tablet will include iPhone X features like slimmer design and facial recognition.","url":"/Technology/video/redesigned-ipad-expected-2018-51035104","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}