Sneak peek at the upcoming 'Spider-Man' game for PlayStation 4

The game takes place after Peter Parker graduates from college, eight years after being bitten by a radioactive spider.
3:53 | 06/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sneak peek at the upcoming 'Spider-Man' game for PlayStation 4
Chief brand officer at insomniac games and thanks for joining us pray to be here thank you talk about spiders and what it's a special. You Spider-Man it's just one of the most. Endearing franchises in all of entertainment and were honored at a time decades to partner with marvel PlayStation metallic completely original Spider-Man story exclusive to PlayStation four. He needs graphics they're really by brand they're colorful. Character it almost looked re L. Well and an absurdity that's where we our technology and that's one of the reasons that we are partnering with PlayStation and it's on at his apartment PlayStation for a long time. Is you can have like experience it feels like it's a blockbuster movie that you're actually interacting with. One of the biggest things here under so mean that people are coming to these items and you're seeing it all over. Yeah it's it's it's humbling unsigned acts that are on almost 25 years in this is the biggest the three we've ever had. You're paying some great buzz about the game which comes out September 7 2018 and we just couldn't be happier we have a lot to show here so far. The game's not out yet that you are catching a sneak peek at what's ahead what. I think in this pattern in will be most excited to be that version. Without a doubt I think fans of Spider-Man are going to be excited C experience in new adventure. Completely original story at the same time it embodies like. The characters in the spirit of the franchise that makes it so popular. We're just kind of telling things in a fresh way so it's gonna be accessible for people who are just trying needed it you'll get in this vitamin for the first time. And yet the people who were most hard court passionate Spider-Man fans are gonna see things that are gonna really make them smile throughout. So how much. It. So much that. On nights into it it's a gargantuan effort we've got a studio size of about 300 at insomniac and now we have a couple hundred votes now working on this game. Very passionate people who grow up you read in the cot makes it enjoyed movies playing the games. Watching the cards he's maybe even wearing meanders. It took to actually develop it's been a development for a few years ago. What are you here is plowing snow risking what knock me out it's tempered iriki three people getting a chance to play and when you noticed people sitting down to play but it their reactions here witnessing. I'll lot of pride on behalf of the studio been so many people put their heart and souls into making these games in. The other back to the studio policy get right now but this moment is for them and I wish they could all be here did you see the smiles on people's faces getting to you. Really feel like they are Spider-Man himself like that is our job is game developers is to help them feel like they are their own superhero in the Spider-Man universe. When the news about way. You know with something that is on extremely well known for is that we traded intuitive. Experience so. What we really pride ourselves on is that they should be very pick up and play even if you aren't as seasoned gamers you should it would take at the controls and feel like you've been playing games all your life so. I think that this is a very inviting and accessible experience and yet at the same time it's challenging for the most passionate gamers. That this story line follows he averaged. Well this is eight years removed from that classic story about Spider-Man being bit are Peter Parker being bit by that spider work. We're telling again in a completely original story he is a recent college grad. And what makes vitamin a special is that that ballots that that's struggling tension between Peter Parker was just trying to figure life out. Recent college grad struggling to pay the bills. Love life is all over the place and yet Spider-Man has been doing this for eight years now he's a master of its crafty at the top of his game. He's protected New York City for a long time and we have that tension and push pull between. Peter Parker and Spider-Man. That's it creates like the stuff of legends now really excited to bring to life here. Legends well there you have it think it chatting ABC hey my pleasure. You are watching.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The game takes place after Peter Parker graduates from college, eight years after being bitten by a radioactive spider.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"55931278","title":"Sneak peek at the upcoming 'Spider-Man' game for PlayStation 4","url":"/Technology/video/sneak-peek-upcoming-spider-man-game-playstation-55931278"}