Solar Powered Plane Stops in New York

ABC News' Alyssa Newcomb speaks with the pilot of Solar Impulse, a plane that runs solely on solar power.
9:47 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Solar Powered Plane Stops in New York
Hey there I'm ABC news technology editor Alyssa new gun in heat are nineteen at JFK airport in New York City. Where I'm checking out the solar impulse plane and you're in for transit card when at that title and it's. I you'll actually be making the Atlantic Ocean crossing coming up hi how are you preparing for that. No the F percentage. Is bull who is this and belief tonight for all the means of transportation. And to the beat consistently flights. For in the enough in the G vision. It's the first time in their names playing so well that means with electric engines zero emissions zero fuel is attempting to cross. These solutions from America to Europe so it's extremely exciting hurled at him now you've previously circumnavigate the globe in name only how would miss that journey different for him. With a subcommittee gifted did do will be the Bruins nonstop flights around the world twenty days in here. Because my personal dream to have to be raised with Richard Branson who Steve processed in the fatigues. This sewing posts at the mitigation is more than a personal dream. Eats into meaningful adventure you chill is what we can achieve with can pick villages. Flying solo with no fuel and this is what's and he shifted this project for. It's too. Try to inspire people to vote do it did you challenges of in the G for the future short that's you can fly. Within endless endurance forever with no fuel the night. This is doing to social greeted at the future could be much more independent from Switzerland and didn't have anything. Now a lot of people who don't know very much about the plane may ask how are you needless July when there's not a lot of sunlight or at night for instance. Can you talk to me about how that technology. It's absolutely true that sonar image is not reserved for certain days you can use it that night because you can store it. So there are a lot of means historians flora society you can you can Gordon compressed air into watering down so whatever. We use batteries sold during the day's flights this sudden gets in the for the G. Rwanda for electrical Morris and to talk to veterans salute during the night we have the batteries running until the next sunrise and ethnic summarize we recharge. For the next day and make this we can fight forever. Rainey won't think you so much for speaking with me and let's go check out the plane right now. And we stand is. Why and much in his seventh when he sat. Yes this very long if it's as on his seven point 77 foot center it is and behind him at six feet long. And it spots. Beautiful thing about this plane as it is a slight mrs. suvs. It's and delight in the next few. Wow and what do you say about the building material that keeps it snow light so it's all about these old common fight and spend life. And say it's all about an. She efficiencies. It. And it is really important that it is we have all the way under a under their wings hunt we have this on the top ten. On useless in the muscles like all copilot. Tells him that we have the best and ended ended she wishes he had to make sure that that plane is that he lights. That it doesn't breaks down too much so there's only one person in the car. Case and the only Dan minimum. Things went we needs to make it safe and so strong. If I'm pressure ice meaning that the the pilot tests couldn and warm. Doing flying that close in size until 28000 seats. So until that Mount Everest. Deep sighs as high up when he stands to get to soccer and chops. Seoul and an auto flattened. And other outside of Texas to make this plane flying. And Aston the plane go it today that the pilot is flying it. And it is feel they can then it got that he. And maximum sentence he must follow these days wins then we. Weeks and it must Paula. But this is some some Palin's depending on its hands. You can see he is that the palace and and seats. With a green cubes in the case yeah and we cooling down the event is happening isn't. And as you know him well when he sits. And night why last yeah so we don't want to. That from happening and so we're calling them on the evening the pain is on the ground have in this is something you started first in Hawaii yes. Bail but he did because we've access then they tell and convenient than anticipated so their temperature and the analyst at night. And you have he had maybe you can see these loopholes. And snack playing always shocked like we always and his ex. And many maintenance we check if anything it's. It's an experimental plane I'm very important and it's safe fun. This hot teas also. And and it's all hello little man and in that isn't its own humble. And them. It's all acting paper sheets over Koplan. Stocks are now that cock and it looks really see mom is clearly much truth in the pilot to move around in the air when he's lying next to me it's just that. Three point aids. Spend need to use what is very small. He has a CS. And he can and put it on the seats. But he constant he can't go and walk around it's it's not possible so what he does he has his. Tynan the seats and he has his food around him he can keep up foods he can do his exercises. But he can't sleep like something he has only twenty minutes of breasts. Meaning that he has up to twenty minutes isn't enough and he wakes him up. He has to check complainant and income can go back to resting sleeping but it is something really. Am. It is not very M. And that in didn't think. And planes the cockpit if something really way batting constraints and but they can't pilots saying this as a whole awful I've basin have been there. They feel a coma. Now pretty train themselves to sleep early twenty minutes at a time and that's poppycock piece of Psycho. I can't just. And he is and things self hypnosis and so he does and I'm batsman and meditation and and bosh back. He is the one would does yoga exercises meditation. We think exercises. So it's all about the mines and mine is to be at wake all the tie him to be vocalist. Two to be positive also and he fully away at what's happening around them. So the next play is across the Atlantic in U. The couple moral right people are finally answered in navigating the globe and landing and Abu Dhabi. And and that milestone is expected to happen perhaps later this summer and tell them it looks records that the also flies into the over the Atlantic so. And I Q and in July that can have a dot and we stopped last year in my thoughts. And where's the next. One expert Randy crosses the Atlantic and despite a steady with the dependent solely right now looking to three destinations. Could the two decision from someone in Spain. And we leave it open until in today's times so we know. Expect seamless web and windows next to make this. Make this and it's movies it's safe execute us. Adam could be. You can't explain all fronts make. I'll and so preparedness heater right now and I JFK and print and knees solar impulse. I guess the project has been killing this plane to the public as well way and the reaction been there. Him yes we have been am doing an out of pocket facing. Across America travels. And people. Even on basic. Then knocked this project that comments he did it take media outlets. It's yet at people who. Through in. And in other places to see the plane and witnessing the plane had its two people having teas iced people thanking us saying thank you so much funding this and selling what is possible because this plane is all about selling explosives. In this equipment can do in Skype you can also on the grounds. So it's really important that people understand this and anybody who came it was really an excellent. And enhanced by it and this is what I mean what is all of our. Pretty and it do you have Lang. A man into a three day ice. It all is good that went is Cincinnati they expect to assess and coast incontinent rain contests still Holmes. We contests knots two months them. Two outs so all of this has to be now this I'm an Austin and we might sleeping through these problems there is citing that thinking symmetry chatting witnesses and thank you have America could hurt.

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{"duration":"9:47","description":"ABC News' Alyssa Newcomb speaks with the pilot of Solar Impulse, a plane that runs solely on solar power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"39919226","title":"Solar Powered Plane Stops in New York","url":"/Technology/video/solar-powered-plane-stops-york-39919226"}