Steve Jobs introduces Apple's 1st iPhone in 2007

Jan. 9, 2007: Steve Jobs unveils Apple's first iPhone.
5:27 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for Steve Jobs introduces Apple's 1st iPhone in 2007
In San Francisco the day much excitement over the newest entry into the phone wars the hot new kid on the block. The iPhone apple computer incorporated which today became simply apple incorporated. Unveiled the new devised that combines a phone with its wildly popular iPod music players. And Ramallah to lose and should think the company's founder Steve Jobs had reinvented the wheel. So happy here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Even through the night the faithful were here camping out Max style on the Streets of San Francisco with their laptops and tents. Pleading for the big. Welcome. Now and senate conference attendees it'll this is the cult of apple or specific the cult of Steve Jobs. Legions of travel the world to listen in on today's big announcement see jobs at the tech world see your man who could do no wrong I hope. Being aired anarchy that the Mac side are all. Ground each year at this conference call Mac jobs works the steam just master of ceremonies. They colon but he didn't fit Silicon Valley. Bruce Macintosh computer chip guy pot home run after home run today apple is going to reinvent. The phone. The buzz over the iPhone has been persistent for years phony pictures of turned up on the Internet by the dozen. The real thing trumps them all he makes calls please movies and music and searched the Internet all with the thought please quiet ease of use that's become the whole mark of apple products. When we caught up with jobs for a rare interview he was holding one of the few iphones out right now are you using that term is your phone I haven't been able to attend. Taking out public I had went home for while. Usable so after today in what he understands that jobs says it is in competition with other tech companies that inspired the iPhone. But a simple desire for a fresher product one he personally would want no one bats a thousand you can call the Babe Ruth of Silicon Valley are you worried that you reach a point where there isn't another. Killer piece of hardware to come out with so while the world. You know again we don't worry about stuff like that we just. Try to build products that we think are really wonderful people might want them and sometimes we're right and sometimes were wrong. But I. I think we're gonna hit grants this. Analysts even those who swear they haven't been drinking the apple Kool Aid. Seemed to think the iPhone like the iPod will be up blockbuster the real magic comes when you use your finger on that pain. You scroll lists like by clicking like this if locker room that we audit program. Earth stopped like that it's just so cool it's very clear to us that the world's going well. And we really believe that that a device like this which is. You don't order of magnitude more powerful than any mobile device or any cell phone it's ever been created and yet vastly easier to use is the future. We were only able to get our hands on one for exactly two minutes the same phone jobs used see you later after a editor at its small sleek and works without buttons that touch sensitive screen controls everything. Getting a look at the new iPhone is a lot like going to see the model leads but I want Steve Jobs now carries around there are only sue others. The boat think landscape surrounded by thousands of apple lovers. Apple is already sold more than seventy million iPods and clearly dominates digital music. But the cell phone market is bigger than music more than a billion cell phones are expected to be sold worldwide this year. Cash by other companies have tried to get ahead by producing their own phones that plea music market. But none were quite like an iPod Apple's entry into the market is a clear shot across the bow of traditional cell phone provider. But apple has sought to leave with this new design it is the user user interface. That it's gonna make it really tough on the competitors. The New York Times poke sums up other wireless companies reaction in one word it's. I'm gagging I think the other carriers. And especially the other cellphone makers are probably. Licking their chops and saying hey we gotta get us some of that only Cingular will carry the phone leading to this most feared reaction from users of other cell carriers. I haven't found to be really upset when I can't my service and got away. Under Wall Street the reaction was swift Apple's stock surged while competitors including the blackberries manufacturer were hit heart. This even as analysts are questioning whether jobs will be caught up in the stock option backdating controversy at apple. Which led to jobs himself being investigated then cleared by his own company we've given all this information the SEC and I think into the beaches. Yeah iPhone won't even be available until June and it won't come cheap five or 600 dollars depending on capacities. Even so after a date of showmanship. Music and big promises the tech world seems to think the Babe Ruth of Silicon Valley. Has done it again. Consumers outside anymore this summer reading I'm Neal Karlinsky or Nightline and San Francisco.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Jan. 9, 2007: Steve Jobs unveils Apple's first iPhone.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"44657559","title":"Steve Jobs introduces Apple's 1st iPhone in 2007","url":"/Technology/video/steve-jobs-introduces-apples-1st-iphone-2007-44657559"}