Tech stocks rebound

Wall Street opens in record territory thanks in part to tech stocks
0:51 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for Tech stocks rebound
And they expect by Wall Street opens in record territory this morning thanks in part to tech stocks. FaceBook Netflix and apple will open higher Amazon hit an all time high at one point yesterday. This as several tech CEOs met with the president at the White House and if you subscribe to apple music and it option could save you some money. The music streaming service is at an 899 dollar annual plan through that by the weighs about twenty dollars less than what most people pay. And if you have some old gadgets around the house you'll like this a working at apple one from 1936. So last week an option for 355000. Dollars. It originally cost about 600 dollars on discount other mile by the way with hand built by Steve Jobs himself. In his very young girls seen it from the movies place of buildings that microphone. Networks for mugs. Desert their rights.

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{"id":48150082,"title":"Tech stocks rebound ","duration":"0:51","description":"Wall Street opens in record territory thanks in part to tech stocks","url":"/Technology/video/tech-stocks-rebound-48150082","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}