TechBytes: Apple, T-Mobile

Apple's decision to add a "kill switch" to phones has reduced thefts.
0:59 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for TechBytes: Apple, T-Mobile
In today's tech -- Apple's decision to addict he'll switch to its iphones that seems to be -- off. Cell phone thefts over the past year have dropped dramatically thanks in part to the switch which can render a stolen phone useless. Production of Apple's new Smart watchful reportedly start next month and go on sale in October a source also tells Reuters that apple expects to ship. Fifty million of the watches in the first year. And T-Mobile is offering new customers the chance to test drive an iPhone 5 that's free of charge for seven days. The company says music streaming services like Spotify and pandora will no longer count toward the user's monthly data allowance. An Intel is putting a unique spin on mobile messaging in the new pocket avatar app works with the user's Smartphone to create a character. That mimics the user's speech and movement it's available for apple and android devices. -- your tech -- and Devin Dwyer.

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{"id":24226422,"title":"TechBytes: Apple, T-Mobile","duration":"0:59","description":"Apple's decision to add a \"kill switch\" to phones has reduced thefts.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-apple-mobile-24226422","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}